Shifters: Tales of Shade City RP

Tales of Shade City is an RP set in Shade City at the same time as the main Shifters storyline. It is structured ( there is a system) and all characters must be approved before they enter play.

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  • Tales of Shade City RP: Uppercity
    Shade city is a massive multi-level mega city located on the western coast of north America. The upper city is the 'civilized' part of the city, where most of the buisness of life and living is conducted. But even the forest of glittering glass and steel towers there are shadows, and in those shadows lurk unimaginable danger.
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  • Tales of Shade City RP - Undercity
    The home of industry, the lowerclass and the poor, the undercity exists under the sprawl of the city above. In the never ending night, people struggle to eek out meager existences in places where even the law fears to go. It is a haven for monsters, of the mundane criminal variety and the exotic bloodsucking variety. Dirty, neglected, crumbling, many areas are practically uninhabitable thanks to faulty vents, loss of power, or simply unstable. Below this level is Tartarus, and that is where even angels fear to tread.
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