Cara Tucana

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Cara Tucana

Postby Suicidal Lady on Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:52 pm

Well, she only needed some slight tweeking last time I messed with her in the character workshop, so tweek I did and maybe I can finally get back into the swing of the RP!

Name: Cara Tucana
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Age: 26
Occupation: Planetary Sciences grad student
Physical Description: Tuca is 5’8 with a thin body that comes from being an underfed, overworked grad student. Her hair is usually a light brown, though since she lost a bet with another grad student, her hair was dyed blue and is halfway through growing back out. She usually keeps her hair back in a ponytail. Her eyes are hazel, leaning more on the green side.
Mental Description: Tuca is generally a very bright, hard working person. She is sociable, though her obsession with her major sometimes puts others off. She normally is very stable, unless she has been pulling one to many all nighters, and then things start to get weird. But a finished research paper and a few good days of sleep usually fixes that.

- Basic Stats -
Intelligence: 6
Mental Stability: 4 (3 when she has been working to hard)
Strength: 3
Agility: 2
Speed: 3
Appearance: 4
Charisma: 4
Spiritual: 2
Taint: 3

Elemental affinity: Air

Special Skills of note: Scientific equipment training, astronomy knowledge, planetary science knowledge

Special Racial Abilities: None

Talent: Deadline Crunch-Like any good grad student, when time is running out on that research paper and all the data has been corrupted, Tuca can pull from thin air the energy she needs to spend two weeks solid working on her paper with limited/no sleep.

Absolute Direction

Allergies/Banes : None

Insanities: Wanted to be a grad student.

Turn Ons: Clear and working data, functional equipment, cheap food, sleep, hard working people

Turn Offs: Corrupted data, people who brag about how much money they have when they have received less education, broken equipment, professors who like to abuse the free labor that is called grad students, grad students that seem to have everything come easily to them

Waking World Reputation: Outside of the Planetary Science department, no one really knows Tuca. That’s not surprising, though, since she spends most of her time working in a lab or running errands for her professor

Veil Reputation: None

Veil Teacher: None

Personal Quote/motto: This will all be worth it when I graduate! Because then… I will have no job or a low paying one and will be drowning in debt…

Favored Prey: Unsuspecting undergraduates who think that helping out a grad student will actually get their name on a published paper

Personal Style: Tuca generally wears t-shirts and jeans, though sometimes she downgrades to sweatpants if she has to pull all nighters. If she has to dress up for meetings with professors she will, but generally she tries to be as comfortable as she can. Sneakers are a must.

Cybernetic/bioaugmentation: None

Equipment carried: Required equipment to take data for whatever needs to be done. Otherwise just a power bar for emergencies and the basic necessities.

Character History:

Cara Tucana is the oldest child of Marcus and Ariel Tucana. Her father is a business man in upper management, making enough to allow Ariel to be a stay at home mom.
Like any upper middle class family might do, the Tucanas started Cara in sports and music from on early age. Soccer, swimming, gymnastics, piano, cello, or clarinet, none of them really seemed to strike a cord with Cara. While Cara would try at practices, she never really seemed interested to pursue any of these activities on her own. The only thing that saved her parents from fretting too much about their daughter was that she did fairly well in school. Eventually, when Cara reached thirteen years old, her parents gave up and let Cara quit all of her extra activities. Instead, they hoped she would choose to focus on academics. If their daughter couldn’t be good at sports or the arts, she could be an outstanding student. Unfortunately for them, Cara never did push to do outstanding in school. Instead, she was fine coasting as an above average student through classes that didn’t seem too hard to her.
It wasn’t until her fifteenth birthday that things changed for Cara. Marcus Tucana had been given some tickets to go see an art exhibition by a coworker. It was there that Cara experienced space for the first time. The first thing Cara saw when she walked into the gallery was a landscape photo of the Milky Way reaching from ceiling to floor. From that moment on, she was hooked. Cara immediately went and checked out every book she could find on stars. Soon she began looking for old photos of the night sky on the net and plastering them all over her room. It was around this time that Cara began telling her parents she wanted to be an astronomer. Once she hit high school, Cara took as many physics and math courses as possible. She made sure everyone knew she was serious and this was what she wanted to do. Her parents weren't too keen on the idea of her being an astronomer, but but upon the arrival of her younger brother Nolan when she 16, they were perfectly happy to pin all their hopes on him and let Cara do as she wanted. It wasn’t till she was finally in college that Cara began seeing that it would be harder to do then she thought.
While she was struggling through her physics courses just the same as everyone else, Cara, know called Tuca more often by her classmates, began to see a difficult path ahead of her. Living in the middle of a mega city and studying the stars is not the easiest thing. Light pollution, radio interference, and a whole host of problems made it difficult to do ground based astronomy. And while there existed space based telescopes, only the few and privileged had access to them to make observations. Even though she made it through all of her undergraduate work, when it came time for Tuca to go into grad school for astronomy, her grades were not nearly high enough to be accepted into any of the programs. Those grad programs were reserved for those who the higher ups felt would be smart enough to use the available equipment efficiently and effectively. Not to be deterred, Tuca did the next best thing. She applied to planetary science grad programs, and after several rejections was finally accepted. While it was not quite the space program she had dreamed of entering, Tuca decided to make the best of it. She immediately threw herself into the grad work. Instead of looking at stars, she was looking at asteroid samples and testing for certain elements. She was finding her love for the universe in tiny pieces of rock fallen from heaven. She spent her first two years of grad school in the lab, pouring through rock samples and waiting for a chance to move up. Her big break came when one of the planetary science professors working with the astronomy department needed an assistant. After hours of stalking the professor, he finally agreed, though possibly just to get her to leave him in peace.

Now: With her new position related to the astronomy department, life seems so much more like a star with a magnitude of -30 then one with a magnitude of 6.5. (If you don’t get it, don’t worry, its astronomy geekery) While she isn’t working with the telescopes, she is instead helping to identify sources of interference on Earth that are interfering with electromagnetic signals. Tuca’s current assignment has her running all over Shade City trying to find the sources of particularly strong electromagnetic radiation that is interfering with the sensitive electronics and saturating the telescope detectors. Her fieldwork has taken her to corporations using the wrong radio frequencies to a malfunctioning Undercity generator underneath the university that was wreaking havoc on the electronic up above. Tuca has learned to keep as much of a low profile as possible when working, because walking around with strange equipment in certain parts of the city can get the wrong kind of attention. Still, she is willing to take the risk if it means one day she can graduate from grunt work to actual astronomy.

Feelings on:
Oldgen Vampires – You mean my advisor? I mean, yes he is ancient and sucking the life out of me but… I guess he is a vampire
NewGen Vampires – Thank GOD I don’t have the new advisor! She’s even worse then mine!
Shifters – Like… people who change their majors? Usually that’s not a good idea unless they like being in school for the rest of their life.
Espi – Don’t know that acronym, sorry
Humans – Most people are fine, I like ‘em better when I don’t have a deadline, though
Veil Humans ( Mages/Escari/Psion) – Are you a philosophy major or something? I don’t recognize any of those terms.

Friends: Various other grad students and professors

Alliances: C.O.G.S.* (Coalition of Overworked Graduate Students *who are still at the mercy of their advisors)

Enemies: My advisor. We are at war over my last research paper. What does he mean he has no idea what the data in my paper means? Of course it’s significant!

Experience Earned: None
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Re: Cara Tucana

Postby Bubbanator505 on Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:54 pm

Thumbs up for me.
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Re: Cara Tucana

Postby Tsureai on Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:47 pm

I'd like to see a little more defined list of her skills, but that's not a deal breaker. Coming from a campus, I'd imagine she'd be well versed in acting as the IT helpdesk for her department?

I like this concept. I just don't recall where that approved button went off too.
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Re: Cara Tucana

Postby ShadowsMyst on Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:55 pm


If this button is needed, the code is:
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