Michelle DeLeon - the Paladin

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Michelle DeLeon - the Paladin

Postby Lupis on Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:36 am

Name: Michelle DeLeon

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Age: 28

Occupation: Mercenary/Bodyguard/Edgerunner

Physical Description: Michelle lacks the factor of physical intimidation. A fiery red head of hair, large blue eyes, a faded dusting of freckles in a finely-featured face does not inspire terror, nor does her stature, barely making it over five-foot-six. Her frame doesn't impress either, her build on the slender side of average. While she avoids body jewelry of any kind, a number of tattoos, relics from military service, decorate her arms and legs. None of the tattoos, however, show anywhere that wouldn't be covered by long sleeves or pants. Decoration of a different kind comes from a number of scars, notably some left over from deep lacerations in her left arm. Despite her slender frame, her musculature is well-toned, and she has next to zero body fat thanks to a near-obsessive exercise regimen. The visual impact of her cybernetics is low-key, with some scarring from there the sub-dermal weave was implanted, and ports in the back of her neck and backs of her hands.

Mental Description: If there was something that was nearly the complete opposite of post-traumatic stress, Michelle has it. She had difficulty reverting back to life as a civilian, going from living on the knife edge between life and death to suddenly being back in normal, everyday, mundane trials and tribulations. Briefly trying to get into University after leaving the military nearly made her scream with frustration on a daily basis. Getting a job back “in the business” was the best thing to ever happen to her. There is one thing, however, that defines her mental state: a firm moral compass. Michelle has always had a firm sense of justice and a well-developed, unwavering sense of right and wrong, fair and unfair.

- Basic Stats -
Intelligence: 3
Mentally Stable: 4
Strength: 4
Agility: 6
Speed: 5
Appearance: 3
Charisma: 2
Spiritual: 2
Taint: 3

Elemental affinity: Fire

Special Skills of note:
Military Training: Survival, hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship

Special Racial Abilities:

Talent: Toughness - Michelle is made of gristle and boot leather. Through sheer force of will, she can hold herself together and function under extreme circumstances.

Allergies/Banes: None

Insanities: Oversensitivity (Mild) - Needing to keep on full alert for years in the Marines has proven to be something that Michelle cannot simply switch off. The stimulation of combat and the need to make life-or-death decisions on the spot has become the norm, leaving her feeling out of place when there isn’t anything vital on the line.

Turn Ons: a good drink, good company, sticking up for the little guy

Turn Offs: assholes, bullies, injustice

Waking World Reputation: A tough operator who can get things done

Veil Reputation: N/A

Veil Teacher: N/A

Personal Quote/motto: Life isn't fair. Stop bitching about it.

Favored Prey: A sixteen-ounce prime rib with mashed potatoes. With cherry pie a la mode afterwards.

Personal Style: Michelle is a firm believer in function over form. She prefers clothes that she can move in, generally trending towards t-shirts and relatively baggy cargo pants with plenty of pocket space, as she eschews purses. If it's cool out, she tends to wear jackets and sweatshirts that open entirely in the front rather than pullovers so that access to the gun in her shoulder rig isn't impeded. Her hair is kept braided tightly back, again mostly for the sake of practicality. She also tends to wear tactical-style boots similar to military issue as they're what she's familiar with, and leather gloves to cover up the cybernetic ports in the backs of her hands.

- Neural processor
- Dataports for links to weapons, optics, etc.
- Skinweave
- Mastoid comm

Equipment carried:
- Wallet with credit cards, ID, weapon registration
- Shoulder rig with .44 magnum revolver; speed loaders in pockets (generally three reloads)
- Boot knife
- Smart phone; app links it to mastoid comm (essentially bluetooth headset)

Character History:
Michelle had one brutal fact ingrained into her from the moment she was born: life isn't fair. Her parents had their illusions of safety shattered amid firestorm and plague, and each had lost friends and family members. The presence of the specter of death over the DeLeon household only increased when Michelle's mother died in childbirth, the presiding doctor at the event drunk on cheap vodka. Lawsuits went back and forth for all the early years of Michelle's life, accusations flew, doctors and nurses were fired, and money changed hands from hospitals to lawyers to Michelle's father, but none of it could bring her mother back, and Dad never remarried. Growing up, Michelle got to watch her father slowly retreat further and further into the same bottle that had killed his wife, and she came to understand at an early age the poison that was victimhood. Once you accepted the mantle of being a victim, it would dominate your path forever. Sure, life wasn't fair; you just had to take the kick to the teeth and stand back up the stronger for it. It instilled in Michelle an unshakable moral compass as well: just as she would refuse to be a victim, neither would she, either by action or inaction, allow others to suffer that same fate while she could prevent it.

It started with fights at school. Every school has its bullies, those who break the rules and will step on anyone to get what they want. Michelle fought back. It didn’t matter how big the bully was, it didn’t matter that she got sent to the Principal’s office time and again for fighting, it didn't even matter that she might not be the one the bullies were targeting. Bloody noses and black eyes faded, it was enough for Michelle to know that she was standing up for those who’d been too beaten-down to stand up for themselves. Fights led to detention, detention led to suspension, and suspension eventually led to being enrolled in a reform school. To Michelle, it didn’t matter. She knew she was doing the right thing, and to her, that was all that counted. Given the chance at eighteen, she enlisted in the Marines.

The military felt like the perfect fit for Michelle. Where you came from didn't matter, all that mattered was watching your buddy's back and trusting them to watch yours. That wasn't to say that there weren't bad eggs, to be certain, but when you were "one of the guys," you had your squad to back you up. You didn't need to be a lone wolf to do what was right. When she received word that her father had been caught in the middle of a gangland scrum in the Undercity of Shade City and had been killed, it was the other Marines in her squad who had picked her up and kept her going.

Serving with her team, Michelle went from one Middle-Eastern hellhole to another, fighting the enemies of America. Her service got her a few commendations, a couple of purple hearts, and a promotion to Sergeant, while her attitude and her complete refusal to kiss the ass of someone just because they had brass pinned to their uniform meant that she never rose any higher. In the end, though, it was her attitude that brought the whole thing down. Lieutenant Summers was not only a stickler for proper procedure, he came from generations of Marines through the years and brought the entire "old boy's club" and all of its chauvinism with him. From the getgo, Michelle and her new CO didn't get along. The Lieutenant got the excuse he needed when Michelle refused to withdraw from a firefight as ordered, instead holding position with a few other squad members to cover a family of refugees in a bombed-out building. Though everyone (perhaps a bit worse for wear) was able to walk away from the incident, Summers was almost gleeful that he could level a charge of "insubordination" against DeLeon. One dishonorable discharge later, and Michelle was out on her ear in Shade City.

Trying to put her life back together without the solid bedrock that had previously defined her existence was a trial. Michelle's dishonorable discharge meant that she wasn't eligible for a large number of benefits that otherwise would have been available: schooling, training, housing, and most especially medical care. The implants that she'd received from the military required regular drugs to prevent rejection, and Michelle rapidly found herself digging deeper and deeper into debt. It didn't help that things never seemed to go her way, and her morals didn't allow her the flexibility to exist in a world of shades of gray. With nobody to have her back, stepping in to stop a bully in the adult world meant at the very least assault charges ("Hey, she hit first, officer, arrest her!") or even, on one occasion, a trip to the emergency room that she was stuck with the bill for. Michelle had several credit cards from when she had served, but when her lines of credit were maxed out, her inability to hold down a well-paying job limited her options.

With creditors knocking on her door, near eviction from the hole of an apartment that had been the only place she had a prayer of affording, Michelle was at the end of her rope. Desperation led her to make a positively Faustian deal. All her debts would be paid, she'd be bailed out of a hole, she'd be able to get the meds she needed, and she would even have enough money left over to attend University for a semester or two; it was the kind of deal that always seemed to end with the words, "Come on, it'll just help you get back on your feet." Seeing no other options, she grabbed for the only rope she had, and became deeply indebted to Guile Santos.

The extra money went to vocational training, the kind of schools that promised that you'd get out with the skills needed to get a job in the industry of your choice. She learned how to work with metal, welding, and auto and motorcycle maintenance. Guile was entirely understanding at first, and even told Michelle not to worry about it when difficulties finding a job led to her missing the first few repayments on her debt. Her troubles continued, however; most of the shops in town already had their mechanics and didn't need to hire anyone new, and those that didn't were leery about hiring a woman for a traditionally male-dominated role. A credit check didn't help matters either, and interest continued to pile up on her debt to Guile Santos as she struggled to find some job, any job that would pay enough to work off her mounting debt.

Finally, one day, Mr. Santos sat Michelle down to have a nice, long chat with the young woman. Her debt had ballooned, and under the terms of her contract, she was in the kind of situation that would have her saddled with debt for the rest of her life. There was another option, however...Guile knew that Michelle had been under considerable difficulty to find a job, given her employment history, dishonorable discharge, and credit rating. He offered her a position in his employ; the rather generous pay would go towards her considerable debt, and she would collect an allowance for housing, food, and any other essentials that she might require. He needed an operative with her particular skill set, and she needed a way out. Backed into a corner, Michelle saw no other option but to take him up on the deal.

Feelings on:
Oldgen Vampires - N/A
NewGen Vampires - N/A
Shifters - N/A
Espi - N/A
Humans - "People are people. Some are good, some are bad, and some are ugly. Huh, that sounds like a good movie title...needs to be a little tighter, though. Anyway, what was I saying?"
Veil Humans (Mages/Escari/Psion) - N/A


Alliances: Soldiers from her old troop, Guile Santos (reluctantly)

Enemies: Lieutenant Craig Summers

Experience Earned: 0
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Re: Michelle DeLeon - the Paladin

Postby ShadowsMyst on Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:29 pm

Looks good to me.

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Re: Michelle DeLeon - the Paladin

Postby Daggertooth on Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:24 pm

Congrats on getting approved. I like what you did with the story. Good stuff.
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