Otto Schmitt the Cyberserker

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Otto Schmitt the Cyberserker

Postby Gorble on Wed Jan 09, 2013 11:19 am

Name: Otto Schmitt
Nickname/Call sign: Grendel
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 29
Occupation: Mercenary for Hire

Physical Description: 7ft tall and 400lbs of metal muscled cyberpsychosis. Most of his 'skin' appears to look like pale white striated muscle, in truth this is a bio-polymer synth skin that covers the thick cords of myomer bundles. In places there is the black metallic gleam of armored hard points for equipment attachments, interface sockets, maintenance ports, and external skeletal support struts. The back of his fingers feature additional black articulated armor and his claws are often protruding slightly, his palms feature black bio-polymer grip pads. The front half of his feet and soles are covered with a more rugged black bio-polymer for traction and black climbing/traction talons cap each toe. His head is rather small compared to the massive body it controls and is skeletal in appearance. Facial reconstruction has led to a short muzzle from which his sharkgrin special smile protrudes, his black cyberoptics sit deeply within their sockets, and his nose is non-existent being but the two slits.

Mental Description: Otto is aggressive and likes to solve his problems by hitting them or making sure they run cause they know of how hard he can hit them. He has trouble relating to unaugmented and civilians often seeing them as lesser entities until they prove otherwise. His moral compass is more controlled by his wallets or his wants at the time. His view of the world has been shaped by a lot of corporate politics and he's more prone to seeing the worst in people first.

Intelligence: 4
Mentally Stable: 2
Strength: 10
Agility: 4
Speed: 5
Appearance: 1
Charisma: 1
Spiritual: 1
Taint: 7

Elemental affinity: Water

Special Skills of note:

Daredevil- Fortune seems to favor him when he takes risks.

Allergies/Banes :
Immune system deficiency- To prevent scar tissue and the like from forming in neural connections, etc. As well as staving off other common cyber rejection responses from such heavy cybernization he is required to take a form of immune suppressants, which makes him very vulnerable to diseases and infections.

Cyberpsychosis- A buzz word used to address a broad range of psychosis associated with heavy augmentation. At current with his therapy still somewhat in place Otto displays only slight symptoms, which keeps him from being seen as a public threat.
Superiority Complex- Metal is better than flesh
Rage Issue- Increased aggression
OCD- As part of the structured therapy when he was a corp merc, Otto engaged in regulated activities to relieve stress and stave off full-blown cyberpsychosis. This had led him to habitually and often unconsciously practice origami in a free moment or should paper be handy. Similarly after a violent or stressful event he'll also feel deeply compelled to knit (scarf, socks, sweater, etc.).

Turn Ons: a good drink, some new augs, and heavy calibers

Turn Offs: suck-ups, hippies, and lawyers

Waking World Reputation: A loose cannon cyborg merc, probably a time bomb waiting to go off.

Veil Reputation: n/a
Veil Teacher: n/a

Personal Quote/motto: Grab your gear, grab you gun, and join the grind!

Favored Prey: Squishy things

Personal Style: His size and level of augmentation makes getting normal clothes difficult, let alone ones in a particular style. Most of his clothing is very no frills and plain. He usually wears a set of pants unless he's going out with something specific in mind.

Cyberoptics with Anti Dazzle, Low light, Time Square Marquee in each, and Teleoptics/Targeting Scope in seperate optics)
Cyberaudio with Level Damper, Amplified Hearing, Sound Editing

Sharkgrin Special

Cyberlimbs- Both sets of limbs are artificial.
Rippers- three inch carbo-glas claws housed inside each digit, meant more as a climbing aid then a weapon of last resort
Talon Feet- Small blades can extend from toes, though smaller than the rippers they are meant primarily as a climbing aid.

Sythskin- biopolymer covering of body
Skinweave- Denser polymer threads interwoven into the sythskin provide the equivalent of light body armor
Muscle & Bone Lacing
Enforced spinal column and pelvis

Neural Processor with interface plugs (smartgun, data, vehicle link)
Pain Editor

Organ Cage- Most of his remaining original and augmented internal organs are contained in the black box like structure of his chest. Even though it is armored it is still vulnerable to attacks. The structure also contains the main power supply for his cyberware.
Pacesetter Sport Heart
Rebreather Lung

Second Chance Cyber Doc- This is a self-contained system implanted in a small ovoid box just under the ribcage and hooked up to the neural plexus and circulatory system. A built-in biomonitor keeps tabs on vital signs and body chemistry. The Cyber Doc has a small reservoir of drugs with which to inject to counteract any malady inflicted. It can administer anti-toxins, drugs to prevent shock or circulatory collapse, and counter the effects of sleep and nausea drugs, nerve, and biotoxins, and hallucinogens. A subdermal battery pack is located in the dominant arm (good for five years), a light to indicate when the Doc is low or out of medication, and a cutoff switch (don't want it interfering with real doctors). When out of drugs it requires refilling at an outpatient cyberclinic. The Doc can only attempt to counter a given a given effect a total of three times before the medication is considered drained.

Equipment carried:
Dummy Face Mask- detachable faceplate that offers personalized features. Good for the borg that needs to cover their identity.
Wallet- Id, cred cards, cyber registration, hunter license (close to expiration)
Belt pack containing knitting needles and a ball of yarn.

Character History:
I grew up in a corporate arcology in South America. Down there it was hard to tell the corps from the cartels. The fighting gets pretty bloody and brutal. In the end the corps blame the cartels and the cartels enjoy the reputation that keeps out other syndicates from moving in. I think my childhood was pretty standard for a middle class salaryman's family. When I was old enough I went into the private security sector. The training regime was a pretty effective brainwashing program that turned recruits into brutal, compassionless blunt instruments. I can't say I went through in unscathed, but I like to think some of my original personality survived the soul grinding mind killer. Then of course came the hardware and cyberpsychosis...

It was nuts some of the things I did for the corporations. I mean non-disclosure agreements mean I can't go into details about the various ops, but for example let's say operation: Tree Cutter didn't involve forestry and did involve a lot of collateral damage. That's the past though and I think I buried any demons alongside the skeletons in my closet. The company shipped me around a lot through the hot spots including into that SNAFU that's the Mideast Conflict zone. I wasn't the company golden child so I didn't get top billing or anything and with all the black ops and cyberware I was becoming hard to handle. Emotional issues, loss of humanity, and all that meant I was having to spend large chunks of downtime in therapy or having my brain stewing in numerous medications. So when my contract came up for renewal and I opted out no tears were shed for me.

Oddly enough I didn't feel like returning to South America so I chose Shade City. My ties with the corps granting me the necessary citizenship. I figured it was a prime enough locale to sit back and enjoy my early retirement. Unfortunately I'm not good with money... or impulse control. So bills started to pile up (my maintenance fees for all the chrome and rent for my pad) and I was starting to get into some fights and making E-swat all twitchy. So then comes Guile Santos with a fat private loan that I can use to make the bill collectors go away, calm the cops with the anti-material rifles, and make people stop questioning why I still have all this cyberware in me and no limiters.

I think I'm out of the hole, until I realize I have to pay Santos back and with my current record I'm not going to get the kind of jobs that will pay off the loan in time. So I end up defaulting on them, but that's okay he's got an alternative payment method, what could go wrong with that?

Feelings on:
Oldgen Vampires – n/a
NewGen Vampires – n/a
Shifters – n/a
Espi -n/a
Humans – There's good in everyone, but that don't equal out the bad.
Veil Humans ( Mages/Escari/Psion) – n/a

Friends: He really doesn't have friends only ex-colleagues

Alliances: A few weapon dealers


Experience Earned: 0
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Re: Otto Schmitt the Cyberserker

Postby ShadowsMyst on Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:21 am

This is a special approval for the campaign for this character, just so that no one gets funny ideas about making a whole bunch of crazy psycho cyborgs. Also, Gorble knows the world probably the best out of anyone and has a proven record with powerful characters. So approved, but this is not a common character type that would be approved.

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Re: Otto Schmitt the Cyberserker

Postby artguy50 on Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:33 pm

so what would it take to be allow "crazy psycho cyborgs" or just super cyborg guns for hire?
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Re: Otto Schmitt the Cyberserker

Postby Gorble on Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:32 am

To play any sort of 'heavy' mundane or supernatural requires demonstrating a well put together background and clear demonstration of roleplaying skill and courtesy to fellow players. Basically show that you're competent and worthy of trust.

Mostly a heavy is not going to be a first character unless it grows into being a heavy. Otherwise a 'heavy' is something you bank for a second character when you've shown that competency and earned the trust of your fellow rpers.
"Why do angels always look like that?"
-Room mate
"God isn't very inventive."
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Re: Otto Schmitt the Cyberserker

Postby ShadowsMyst on Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:49 am

Gorble is one of the longest players here, years and years now, knows THE most of all the people here aside from me about the Shifters universe (probably), and has earned moderator status in the forums for his excellent play, fairness, knowledgeablity and general skill. That's not easy to do.

Unless *I* personally trust that person to be able to handle a character like this, I'm not going to allow it without a very sound character concept that shows you've got what it takes to really think a character like this out and play it without being a complete twink.
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