Dirty Martin's Burgers and Beer

The home of industry, the lowerclass and the poor, the undercity exists under the sprawl of the city above. In the never ending night, people struggle to eek out meager existences in places where even the law fears to go. It is a haven for monsters, of the mundane criminal variety and the exotic bloodsucking variety. Dirty, neglected, crumbling, many areas are practically uninhabitable thanks to faulty vents, loss of power, or simply unstable. Below this level is Tartarus, and that is where even angels fear to tread.

Re: Dirty Martin's Burgers and Beer

Postby Anthius on Wed May 30, 2012 11:07 am

Alara frowns at Joe with concern, but she kept her mouth shut, if it was any of her business he'd have told her. She tips back her drink swallowing it down. "Come on boys, we're supposed to be havin fun tonight!" she grins trying to pick up Joe's spirits.

((*Pokes the thread.* Let's keep it moving, Haven't posted in a while myself cause not really much for Alara to do or say after that call >.>))
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