Confusion makes usernames....

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Confusion makes usernames....

Postby Forycles on Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:14 pm

Hey, I'm a newbie... obviously... who was linked here for potentially embarassing reasons. So I'm currently celebrating Christmas for no apparent reason, though there's something about a wedding somewhere in there.

As to my title, I can not take credit for my username(I suppose I could but that would be lying). It is actually a word mixup by one of my friends between my original username, Foryx, and the nickname for an RP I began and still run, shortened to Chronicles. The name was original, unlike Foryx(see: Septimus Heap: Queste), so I opted to use it from there on it.

I didn't see anything about gender in the profile fillout, so yes, I'm male.

I that's enough, I have a tendency to provide too little information.
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