Another newcomer.

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Another newcomer.

Postby Langschwert on Wed Nov 25, 2009 11:29 pm

Hi, the name's Langschwert.

I'm a long time reader of shifters and noticed recently that it had changed websites within the last year or so. I've always found the world of Shade City fascinating, but have never really gotten around to posting back years ago. I went to check at the old site and ended up making a profile.

I know the forums are pretty dead, but I figured I'd introduce myself before I tried to post a character for the RP. I have a decent amount of experience with forum and chat RP in the last 7 years, but tend to bounce around from forum to forum. Oh, also if I finally get a character into play, I apologize for disappearing in advance. This school year has been pretty rough for me.

Well, I'll be off but if you want to ask me anything just shoot me a question. I'll be lurking around here every once and a while before finals.
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