It's about time I became active again!

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It's about time I became active again!

Postby Suicidal Lady on Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:28 pm

Hello hello, I am Suicidal Lady! I have actually been around the forums for quite some time, but after the old forums died and my work at home left me no free time, I had to go back to being a lurker of the forums for my own sanity. But, now that college has calmed down (is that possible?) and Shifters coming back has rekindled my love for the Shifters Universe, I think its time I come back. I played a character named Jezreel for a while, and am debating on whether or not he should come back or start from scratch. We shall see how I feel about him after getting reacquainted with his character.

A little bit about myself for those who have never met me, I am a sophomore in college studying Physics and Astronomy. This makes me busy, but things like online forums are a nice escape from the insanity that is Quantum Mechanics. I love reading/writing/online comics/many kinds of music/running/and working at my lab at college.

I am looking forward to being back and talking with you all!
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