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coplay ideas from a guy who cant fall asleep

PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2012 3:45 am
by artguy50
When I can’t fall sleep do to large amounts of soda and rockstars, I more going to post my…
Cosplay costumes I wanted to make but don’t have time too or didn’t know if I even wanted too be!!!!!!
Ed from cowboy bebop
L from death note
1. Jack from samurai jack
2. Scotsman from samurai jack
3. Evil Englishman from the stereotype of evil villains in general
4. The riddler from the batman comics
5. The punisher from the punisher marvel comics
6. Deadpool from marvel comics
7. Anyone from firefly
8. captain Jack summers from a number of undermountain that survived by ****ing everyone else over
9. Travis touchdown or dr. peace from no more heroes
10. The astounding wolf-man from same name comic by image comics
11. The only people in final fantasy 10 that can kick ass (list them later)
12. The villain from final fantasy 7
13. Mizore Shirayuki from Rosario + vampire
and 16. Random J-RPG hero from me putting on as mush stereotypetipical j-rpg gear like big over sized swords, cat ears, and bandages over most of my body and seeing how long for people to get that im ****ing with them

and now I think I can sleep good night and leave a comment on what should I do for next year’s fanime con or whatever u feel like commenting on