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Postby Gorble on Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:53 am

Fun to watch or play. Good to sandbox in and has an interesting enough story that I could see playing it through as well just for that and not just unlocking the sandbox mode. The control set up can get you some times as you'll end up with the wrong power or something on occasion so you might get a bit frustrated with your handful of thumbs. The vehicle controls while probably realistic are horrible and you'll yearn for the moment the game lets you out to leap and bound freely with the pakour system, which is freakin' sweet.

Each power (claw, whip, hammer) has its own series of further unlockables as well as several 'consume' animations that play when you absorb the people you are killing so it doesn't get to stale.

Overall it makes me want a newgen with those powers save for the fact it would be ungodly munchkin and combat monster to do so.
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