Star Trek Online

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Star Trek Online

Postby Gorble on Thu Jan 21, 2010 1:20 pm

Started playing this Beta at the start. To put it bluntly it was rushed and it shows, it doesn't play well, and it doesn't feel like Star Trek. You will quickly cycle through the same mission but different name and rarely different enemies. I can honestly say I wanted to like if but if I want an MMO I'll stick to the tried and true like WoW.

I might be biased but when I can play WoW and rarely if ever lag and almost any mission or instance in Star Trek chugs along at a hopping drunken frame rate I have to wonder why. The easiest was that it turned out the staff vastly underestimated the number of players and had few servers. The other reason is it was just poorly programmed and with their mention of getting additional programmers and the few well known bugs (when you beam up to your ship your character may appear in space instead or when you beam down your ship appears instead of your character, etc.) I'm pretty sure this leads back to it being rushed.

I was kind of saddened by the alien creation system. The start seems there, but the elimination of certain features for no apparent reasons confused me. I choose a dual lobed head and suddenly my character can't have chin trendils. Similarly when I choose a known race it eliminates certain features. I can't customize a Gorn at all beyond the color scheme I can't put a scar or tattoo on it so really why bother.

The skills are too much like I have to track multiple characters actually it is keeping track of the same character multiple times. There also wasn't much visible difference to me with changing things.

Despite being able to customize your uniform you cannot change the colors of your body armor... I'm a blue shirt wearing yellow colored armor. It's hideous and I've seen so many others with better looking armors.

Yeah I'm rambling but mostly this MMO had such potential and in the end it's falling flat right now to me.
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