darkspore beta

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darkspore beta

Postby vampirherr on Fri Mar 04, 2011 9:46 am

hey peeps i just wanted to share an opportunity to get into the darkspore beta the makers of darkspore or maybe its ea games.../shrug whichever it is they sent me three access codes to give to my friends or whoever i wanted to give them to and sense ive asked my friends and so far none is responding im going to wait till a couple hours into the beta to post the actual codes but the offer is here

darkspore is a pretty sweet game i was in the beta last weekend and i had alot of fun playing it. you have these monsters/heros that you play get to choose from and once you unlock them you add them to your team. the gameplay is kinda like diablo except that you have a team of three heros that you can switch through while playing in campaign or doing pvp. you can collect more heroes as you level up and your heroes level is based on its equipment level. also another thing i liked was the fact that you can customize (to an extent) your hero to make it unique and fit to your liking in appearance at least.

the downside is that the campaign maps are pretty strait forward. you have a path that you walk on and thats it kinda like just walking down a hallway not saying its that boring but its not like how in diablo where you can explore.

also unfortunately there are no quests :( though this is just the beta and they might add more it is still sad

but despite those facts i still think it is a fun game the beta goes on all of this weekend ill give out two of the codes today and one tomarrow just in case one of my friends decide they want it and if noone asks for the codes today they will still be available throughout this weekend

i know this might seem like im trying to "sell" per-say this game but in truth i just like this game and i dont know about you people but getting into a beta doesnt happen to often and i want to give you an opportunity to get into this one and play a fun game before it comes out
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