Things We Are No Longer Allowed To Do In A RP

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Re: Things We Are No Longer Allowed To Do In A RP

Postby drakanor on Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:00 am

Welp I only have a couple that need mentioning:

1) I am not allowed to use the 'Lords of Madness' supplement. Especially with a Halfling Rogue.
1a) Especially If I take Dark Spawn(gain 2 tentacle attacks) and Inhuman Reach (+5 foot natural reach, -1 melee rolls) .
1b) Most definitely am not allowed to also take Extend Tentacles (another +5 foot Natural Reach) and wield a Scourge.
1c) Even if I am a follower of Demogorgon ...
1d) Also am not allowed to buy an 18 Dex and pick up Combat Reflexes.
1e) As well Cleave and Great Cleave.

2) I am allowed to use Lords of Madness specifically to make Psionic PC's only.
2a)But never allowed to play Humans or Halflings in this case.
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