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Creating the Circle contest

PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 1:23 pm
by ShadowsMyst
This contest is to select 12 people to become my personal cheering/motivation/and help squad as Shifters ramps up to a return to life. Anyone is eligible to enter, as long as they follow the instructions:

To be eligible to participate, you must do the following:

1) You must be registered on the site AND the forums. Please make sure you register with the same username. I haven't yet figured out how to join them, so you have to register for both.

2) You must post an introduction to yourself on the forums. (or have in the past, a current intro might not be a bad idea for those who introed a long time ago)

3) Post in the contest forum (right here in this thread), a post detailing the following:

* How you found Shifters and how long you've been a fan
* What Shifters means to you and how much you love it
* Why you want to help bring it back
* What you would do to help me stay on track
* What you would do to help the community at large
* Why would you make the best choice for a seat at the Circle

Be detailed! Be honest! I want the people who WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS THE MOST.

The prize:
Exclusive access to me (like chat and special live ustreams and such), behind the scenes and early access to the new site, new material (comics, splash art, wallpapers, products). Becoming a part of Shifters history and being directly involved in getting it back on track. Special site member privileges, maybe even a membership card.

Your responsibility:
In entering and accepting a win in this contest, you are committing to being a positive influence on the growth and return of Shifters. You need to BE INVOLVED. You can't be shy and just expect to get the goodies, because I need you guys to talk to me A LOT. I need people who are going to be eager to talk about shifters, ask me stuff, and let me ask them stuff and tell me what they think. If you can help with skills you have, i need you to volunteer them. it can be anything really, but if you can help I need you to offer.

If for some reason a Circle member drops off the map, or goes incommunicato without warning for more than a month, that Circle member will be replaced.

With that in mind, I look forward to meeting you, my future circle members!

Re: Creating the Circle contest

PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:51 pm
by Ty007
(Im Ty-Hatake1 on DA) quick question do we send you the info directly? Or reply on here?

Re: Creating the Circle contest

PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:00 pm
by ShadowsMyst
Post the reply here to this thread. :) I want to see unabashed, shameless gushing. Right here XD

Re: Creating the Circle contest

PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:12 pm
by Ty007
Ok you got it.

My names Ty Brunner. I've always wanted to help someone with their big dreams of a comic writer/drawer. Its been my dream to. I've been a fan of shifters since I found it 3 years ago. The characters were well made. (made me jelious) Inspired me to start writing and drawing again. The reason I want it back is cause I hated to see some of my all time favorite werecreature comics to not end without a good bang/fanaly you name it. I'd help you keep track of the story if I can. The characters I can defently help with if they need a tune up as it were. Id try to spred the word to manga/comic lovers through MSN, Skype...and even school. I'm running the Anime-club at my Library so I'd like adice on stuff on running something big as that and something as big as this comic. That is why Id be a good choice to help with this mighty comic of yours.

Re: Creating the Circle contest

PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:44 pm
by Che
How I found Shifters? Well, I think I google'd 'shape shifters' and up came the link to the comic. I started reading and INSTANTLY I was hooked. I did the math and I've been reading and following shifters since 2001. Holy cow I was nine years old then. Wow.

When I initially found shifters I was hooked quite instantly. I've been obsessed with shape-shifters and such for... well a very long time. Finding this comic was awesome. I had never really found any others that shared my intense interest with the supernatural edge that shape-shifters have, and finding a comic that fit my interests to a T just made everything awesome. After I had caught up on the archives, I was kinda sad when there were no more updates but I ended up checking the site religiously for updates and squealing excitedly when there were new pages to read. I became super attached to the characters and I worried for them when they got hurt, cheered when they triumphed and got angry when they were angry.

If I could put assistance in to bringing back one my all time favorite comic on the web, I would gladly give all that I possibly could. Shifters was probably one of the bigger pushes that got me into artwork, and if I can do something to help keep it strong and going, I will be no less than honored. I want to see more of the characters, learn about what's going to be happening in the Redux. Most of all I want to fall in love with the story again. Especially since ShadowsMyst has been teasing me with tidbits of story when she;s streaming. I love it but it makes me want to know more!

To help you stay on track I'd be an always present burden. Well, when it was possible for me to do so. Not in the sense of going 'HEY UPDATE SHIFTERS HURPDERP" but I would ask questions, inquire about stories, give feedback on ideas bounced off me, and of course the odd showering of fanart always helps a little, right? (Myst you already know I offer my assistance to you for flats and/or shading! And of course going out for coffee and art discussions!)

To help the community at large? Well, for that I'd surely work at getting them as excited about Shifters as I am. I'd start discussions and get the general hype going. (Though I think it wont be too hard! I know I'm not the only one super excited for the return~) Being involved in a community openly is definitely something I'm pretty new to, but regardless, I'd try my hardest and I'd work at learning how to do things, and probably delve into the role-play scene here!

Why I would make the best choice for a seat in the Circle? Honestly, I'm not going to go around being all "I'm the super biggest fan in the whole world so I DESERVE THIS" and other silly non-sense like that. I don't really believe in the whole 'biggest fan' thing. It's unfair letting one person get the title of most of the people that fawn over the comic. Considering a lot of us have been here since way before the hiatus. But I digress! I'd like to think that I'd be a good choice if only because I'd love to have a foot in on helping a friend in mine get her awesome comic together and back on its feet. If I could do that, and bring shifters back to glory. I will have accomplished a goal. For definitely.

Re: Creating the Circle contest

PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:49 pm
by autoshifter
My name Is Blake and Shifters was one of the first web comics I’ve read and I started reading it about 3 in half years ago, from the first few pages I read I was sucked in, since I have huge fascination over supernatural things, werewolves, vampires, robots, etc etc, plus I have a even bigger love for comics, I may not be the greatest drawer in the world but that didn’t stop me for making literally 100s of comics all with there own unique stories. Shifters to me is one of my favorite web comic, I love the story, the art, the theme…. everything! I was sad to see go on such a long hiatus since I was always looking forward to the next page and I’d be truly honored if I got a role in helping to continue this great comic, I’ve always felt my story telling was better then my drawing

What would I bring to the table? I can create some pretty good ideas for the characters at hand since we got such a great bag of them, I can come up with all kinds of stories and arcs for the characters to go threw, if any problems arise when it comes to continuing the story I am the man to come to, I would truly love to be apart of this comic in some way, I’ll constantly pitch you ideas to keep your mind going so you can continue the comic

Re: Creating the Circle contest

PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 12:27 am
by vampirherr

i found shifters when i was looking for a webcomic that had tf in it and one that met my expectations (i'm naturally very picky on most things even though if you met me you probably wouldnt have thought that i was). ive been a fan sense prolly around a month or two before it went on haistus. what hooked me whenn i first saw it was actually the name "shifters" it was something that sounded simple yet i could tell there was more too it. Shifters to me is a grand composition that i have only seen in one other webcomic but that one is just a great composition :) .

the story line flows perfectly it doesnt put you on the edge of your seat but you also dont want to stop not sure if that explained it very well...hmm...its like when you walk through the woods and you are following a stream and you decide to walk in it and it is nice and cool its kinda like that...and i cant believe i compared a webcomic to a walk through the woods... :(

i also loved the art work it was amazingly drawn and well thought out. it showed expert workmanship and that you really cared about the comic as a whole.

i want to help bring it back because it is well worth the time and effort to bring back.

i myself would keep track of when you plan to have a comic out and ask you how it is coming. if you are stick i will do my best to help you get unstuck. if you are have somesort of artist block i will bounce ideas off of you to try to remove the block if you are simply haveing a bad day if you need to talk to someone ill listen and give helpful thoughts if needed. to put it in a nutshell ill do whatever i can to help you get this comic wherever it is going whether it is north or south i want to help it along however i can.

now the community at large thing is where i would most likly not be able to help a single person or even a couple of people in most situations i know what i can do but for the community...honestly i would not know what to do.

if i was to be choosen to be in the circle i might not be the most sociable person but i can collect ideas that are givin and try to figure out which one i think would be best (this includes combining ideas) i might not be much of a talker but i am very good at listening. i am also acceptive of others opinions and views. i try to look at a situation from a third point of view one that sees both sides of a situation or rather i try to view as many sides of a situation as there is if that makes sense

i hope that i will be one of the twelve lucky people and hope for the best for both shifters and brimstone.

p.s. if you do end up choosing me you can also send me a note on DA my username is helbdrache

Re: Creating the Circle contest

PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 3:20 am
by FoxOfWar
How you found Shifters and how long you've been a fan?
- It feels like ages ago. I had just gotten access to my first broadband connection, and started to read webcomics, back in '03. I think a friend of mine referred to Shifters pretty fast after knowing I had interest in webcomics - and he was certainly right about me "probably liking this one." I pretty much hounded after every update for as long as you did update, and well, added you to my +devstalk soon as a I realized you had dA account. And here we are I suppose.

* What Shifters means to you and how much you love it
- It was a very heavy inspiration for me to start drawing, 'specially start drawing transformation art. It has continued to be a source of inspiration if I feel ye olde' artists' block is haunting about. Also the old pics at you had over at your Transfur account way back then... *contented sigh* - your transformation stuff has inspired me, of which Shifters is a very central part of, obviously. I love your art style, and it probably shows in my art to this day, to a degree. I remember also laughing out loud to a piece of dialogue or two, as well. Heh.

* Why you want to help bring it back
- Why wouldn't I? One of the best webcomics I've ever read, and by far the best with transformations as central theme to it. Without exaggerating, the artistic inspiration is huge, and I would love to help in any way I can.

* What you would do to help me stay on track
- Provide (ever so slightly cynical & sarcastic) feedback, saying things as they are(I hate being dishonest for the sake of pleasing someone), providing perhaps a sounding board for things and maybe just giving a different perspective on things? Being encouraging without sounding too hasty, and giving the honest opinions when you need them. Unless you specifically ask for some friendly prodding forward, hehe. And perhaps occasionally drawing fanart(I heard it does wonders to inspiration these days). *sheepish grin*

* What you would do to help the community at large
- Aside from being my sarcastic self? Heh, that's a tough one. Just generally being around, mayhaps start rp'ing around here, I really don't know. But now that I bothered to finally register, I suppose I'll stay about. See what happens.

* Why would you make the best choice for a seat at the Circle
- I am often near my computer(*coughnolifecough!*), I am a fan but can be objective about things, I am brutally honest if it's called for, and do I have a habit of making people spontaneously fall out of their chairs. I am also very modest in my abilities.

No, wait...

Hehe, so there you have it. My reasoning(or lack thereof) for this position.

Re: Creating the Circle contest

PostPosted: Sat Feb 19, 2011 8:04 am
by Stealth
I am Dustin, Or Stealth, I actually met you before your comic :P I was in your therian chat-room in days of constant refresh button hitting. your web-comic was the first one I ever read, and is what got me reading other web-comics, more so since shifters went on hiatus. I have searched for something with a good story line and the awesome animistic art style you use, there isn't one.

I have loved your story over the years, and enjoyed the art on each page, I liked each twist through the story from Ferrah being a werewolf to a vampire. Out of characters though I liked Cat. mainly in the cat-woman suit >.>.. you have a solid story in this comic, I never understood why you felt the need to redo the beginning, the magic you show is solid, has roots in real world lore, and you show creatures that would not only scare people, but the monsters that already scare people.

what would I do? fanboyism? I know how to setup auto twitter posts... >.> I can still setup chat-room servers and such. general admin web-stuffs, I have little skill in drawing, a decent set of skill in writing, but I do not think you need that.

I am however, willing to do whatever you want me to do to the best of my abilities, within my jack of all trade abilities :P

Re: Creating the Circle contest

PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:52 am
by reallydemonic
i remember in 08 i was goin through a hard time, and i needed something to take my mind off my problems. i read shifters by typing in shape-shifting comics, and boom.....i found myself drawn to a world of the future where one girl is battling her own choices, her demons. i sat there and read it all, even staying up late because i was so into it. As the art progressed, i found myself more so, feeling sad when Alice almost died, feeling for Ferrah because she had no control over herself. The fights themselves to me represent the soul, how we battle ourselves in the process. To me that is simply something that can't be measured in mainstream storytelling and as a writer i acknowledge that.

how i would contribute is being honest about something, to me the best thing to do is give constructive criticism i have never told someone what they wanted to hear...but what they need to hear. When i heard that Shifters is coming back and a date was given, i was happy. i have checked this site every other week for a long time because the story always had a soft spot for me.