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Shifters Hall of Shame

Postby ShadowsMyst on Tue Mar 24, 2009 3:24 pm

There was a previous incarnation of this thread on the old board, and I'm ressurecting it because I just keep finding stuff that's too amusing NOT to share.


Many of these threads are old. There is no point in dregging them up. Just laugh along with me here.

Its no surprise really that people will take an idea they like and bastardize it. I've gotten used to it, but that doesn't mean I can't mock it. One of my favorite things to mock is when people steal the Kinsmir concept, or large chunks of my mythos (without any concept of the reasons behind why things are the way they are), usually for RPs, and do crazy stuff.

Anyway, on with my latest finds!
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Re: Shifters Hall of Shame

Postby ShadowsMyst on Tue Mar 24, 2009 3:27 pm

The Subject: ... 7e2eb6e8af

Incase it goes missing, here's the text:
This is an RP about an Alternate Earth, where on this planet the countries are full of mythical creatures old and new. the countries names are still the same.

The Races:

Shifters (Are people that transform into animals)
Vampires (Old generation)
Vampires (New Generation)
Kinsmirs (Are shifters and vampires merged)
Half-lings (Half breeds)
and any other mythical beings

Title: (If you wish to have one opptional)
Affiliation: (Civilien or military)

The Story

this all started in 2070 AD, when the populated nation got angry when torroist attack spread all over the world and some nation attack their nieghboors because they suddenly got paranoid

after that the countries mobilized their military and the invasions began......

Title: Commander of the Thrid Kinsmir Legion
Name: Henry Brawn
Race: Kinsmir
Country: England
Afilliation: Military
Bio: After the first wave of attacks the legion struck back with twice as much strength as their opposers. Henry is a family man, he has 3 sons and 1 daughter. so he has to protect his country.

I love how he steals pretty much all the races and can't spell the remainder. Of course, he's the leader of the Kinsmir. Never fails that the guys who post this stuff are always Kinsmir. But the most amusing part is they almost always get it wrong.
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Re: Shifters Hall of Shame

Postby ShadowsMyst on Tue Mar 24, 2009 3:32 pm


This one is kinda lengthy, so we'll just worry about the first part.


]PM them to me.[
Age: (Unless you're a vamp.)
Race: [Human, Vamp, Shifter (If Shifter what animal bond?)]
Weapons: (If any.)
Armor: (If you want.)


Shifters: Shaman, Defender, Wild (Living in the Uppercity), Negotiatior [Negotiates with the Vamps for treason (always failing but sometimes may come in handy)], Leader

Humans: Anti-Freak Unit {AFU} [Fights against the Vamps/Shifters (only if a Shifter changes in front of a human and the Human panics and spreads it, or a Vamp feeds on a Human in front of another human)]

Vamps: Exiled (Lowercity Vamp), Free (Uppercity Vamp)


Have fun
Don't God mode
I'll post any info if you research it IC
Have fun
Don't Shifters, try and refrain from crossing onto Vampire grounds and vice versa.
Shifters, don't change in front of a Human, unless you've already convinced them to keep it a secret, and know you can trust them.
Vampires, have fun on your nightly hunts.
Did I mention have fun?
Oh yeah, and stop reading the rules cause there are none.


In the new world, there are three types, the Humans that roame the uppercity, then the Vampires that rule half of the Lowercity, and the Shifters, that inhabit in secret among the humans, and rule half of the Lowercity. How this happened? Well, there were two men who thought they could play god, they kidnapped children and dragged them to a lab to have experiments done, their result? Vampires. THEN after the Vampires had threatened the Human population, they had to find a way to get rid of them, so they ONCE again kidnapped more children, and did experiments. Result? The Shifters. Now if you aren't exactly sure what Shifters are, well.. To make it simple they are Werecreatures of ANY type, that can change at will, but have sworn to keep themselves in secret. How did their population increase? Vampires carry a distinct viral infection that rots the organs and pales the skin, and is passed through their saliva. Thing is, the infection has to contact the blood directly. Since the geniuses who created these creatures created them unstable, they have a thirst for blood. the Shifters are MUCH more balanced and only kill to defend themselves. And the way their population increased is through reproduction, since their type of disease runs in the blood only, which infects the genes, the children have the same abilities. BUT if the mother is Shifter, it is less likely that the children will be one too.


The city of Zare, containing skyscrapers of many varieties, and shops containing your every need. Home, and apartment complexes are the majority of the city, but that's only the Uppercity. Lowercity is nothing but a ruin, of the ancient Zare, where the Shifters and Vampires both dwell and fight if needed.

Does this sound familiar to you? Seriously?
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Re: Shifters Hall of Shame

Postby ShadowsMyst on Tue Mar 24, 2009 3:36 pm

A character 'sheet' I found on a forum from a couple of years ago:

Species:Kinsmir. werecat/vampire. (( concept copyright of shadow myst author of shifters.))
Appearance:Kaela is a black headed goth girl with strange whiskers. she usually wears black with black makeup. she has black fur when in half form. she has black and chrimson when in in beast and monsterous form.
Bio:Kaela is an oprhan who was abandoned at the entrance to a graveyard. many say she is cursed or a monster. she has never really been out if the daylight for years. when she was she goty picked on and such by norms. she has no knowledge of her real parents.

At LEAST this one had the decency to credit me. One of the very few that ever have. Kinsmir was a term I originated, and it gets irritating to see people just use it willy nilly.

Although I'm not sure why people always have to make kinsmir so... emo.
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Re: Shifters Hall of Shame

Postby Suicidal Lady on Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:02 pm

Here is one I found a while ago. Look at the comments others have made XD
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Re: Shifters Hall of Shame

Postby ShadowsMyst on Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:12 pm

I've seen this one before. "DId u steal from underworld??!!" Oh gods, how many times have I gotten that.. DESPITE the fact that Shifters existed PRIOR to underworld, and I didn't even know WoD. I've been accused of ripping off WoD soooo many times. It gets old after a while.

The term, Kinsmir, was actually something I made up. It was originally meant to be a name used to describe the werewolf vampire state as an insult. the two words that made it up were kin (as in kin, belonging to a clan) and "Smear" as in to blur the lines as well as insult or defame. So essentially the word kinsmir was ment to mean "an insult to all kin" describing their unnatural state. I spelt it a little funny to make it cooler. Kinsmear looks stupid, although that's generally how I pronounce the word. Although apparently it sounded cooler than Abomination, so I guess people adopted it for that reason.
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Re: Shifters Hall of Shame

Postby SashaNekosune on Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:06 pm

Oh goodness. o.o Honestly. That might have been me. I have been known to create rps about the shifters universe on other forums. But if the shifters universe rps are exclusive to this forum then I shall keep them that way. If it was for that rp I made then I guess its long gone. Honestly I loved the concept of the shifters universe, and I had never heard of any other name for a half vampire and half werewolf creature. It enthralled me.
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Re: Shifters Hall of Shame

Postby ShadowsMyst on Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:11 pm

Its not that I hate other people creating RPs on other forums, its just that well... everyone gets it wrong.

Not that I've ever really provided the capacity for people to get it RIGHT, given that I've always kept the exact world workings behind the scenes in Shifters a sort of mystery in order not to spoil too much of the comic plot.

I created the word Kinsmir because there was no word to really describe the werewolf/vampire hybrid that sounded cool. The actual origin of the word is a smashing of the word "Kin" (meaning related or family) and "Smear" (as in stain by smearing or daubing with a dirty substance ) and then the spelling mangled a little to make it look cool. The idea was the term was actually describing the fallen state of the shifter being polluted or succumbing to the vampiric infection becoming something that was dirty and monstrous, not just to their own kind, but an affront to all of Gaia's creations. The word is actually quite literal for the most part in the Shifters universe. These creatures are not born, they are made. Forcibly. Like a rape victim.

One of the biggest annoyances I suffer is when people steal my ideas and world premise and don't even bother to credit me. Here's a good, recent example: ... adox-21848

In this world there are supernatural creatures of every sort, living together with the human race, hidden and protected by the Council which is made up of the major clans, Dragons, Elves, and Mages Old Gen Vampires etc...
Things have been in relative peace between the races, minus excursions from the new gen vampires and other new gen races wanting to get out of the shadow of the elder Generation. Until the awakening of a very ancient, very powerful Kinsmir. One and a billion become a kinsmir. Since the world began, there have only been 10 kinsmir ever to be born, and come to full awakening, Due to the chaotic nature of their magics and power, part Shifter, part Vampire, part demon
In this day and age there are two Kinsmir still alive. one is over 400 years old. His name is Isaac, the other is 16 and is newly born so to speak, her name is Barbara, Babs for short. And one ancient yet to be awoke into a new world....

1. No God play . Even the ancient Kinsmir I will be playing isn't infallible
2. Have fun and be creative with appearance and personality of your character.
3. This will be pg-13, with minor "R" rating, if it comes to "R" please keep it fore shadowed only and no details.
4. Post at least once a day, and if you cannot then leave me a post on Vercomm or my profile.
5. There will be epic battle and minor fights between teenagers, but if someone "HAS" to die then create an "npc" to do the dying. Main characters can be hurt critically, but not killed. Unless the person is alright with their characters dying.

FORMS: (optional unless a shifter or other shape shifting species)
NICKNAME: (optional)

More craptasticness:

(( Both are acceptable, when we get a couple more players we'll start. I need to do up Issac and Barbara and the ancient one))
AGE: Dragons haven't lived as long
FORMS:Human form is a bit touch and go. ranges from Elven beauty to beast man. Mostly Elven like features with long white hair, chiseled features, muscular build. Long canine teeth,pale skin tone(being as he was asleep for a very long time)
True Form:Like a werewolf only 10 times larger. solid white with black tribal designed tattoo like rune markings on both shoulders that trail down the arms and large black shadow with a glowing red outline the absorbs sun light.
Animal form: A giant white wolf with over sized teeth, think jaws with attitude.

NICKNAME:the Ancient One
NAME: Isaac Obadiah Macmillan
AGE: 435, looks late 40ish
M/F: Male
SPECIES: Kinsmir
FORMS: Ranges from beast man to rugged mountain man.
HUMAN FORM: Rugged mountain man. very muscular with hairy knuckles , hands, chest and back. hair is shoulder length dark brown, stripped with white, pale scars mark the many battles he has fought won/lost. beard and mustache adorn his weathered face, dark brown eyes shine through like two diamonds reflecting the sun light.
TRUE FORM: Same size as the Ancient. Only Isaac is solid gray with a brown strip running across the back of his head splitting off across his shoulders to end in points overs his chest. Black chains adorn his arms seemingly wrapped around the upper arms, dangling down to wrap around his wrists. the chains are black with a glowing red outline, which he can control, like the Ancient and his shadow. Has a shape shifting familiar, named Quix { Kw eee}
ANIMAL FORM: Same as the ancient except with Isaac's markings.

NAME: Barbara Mariann DeWitt
AGE: 16
M/F: Female
SPECIES: Kinsmir
FORMS: Ranges from typical teenage girl to beast woman,
HUMAN FORM: Athletic build., with reddish brown hair shoulder length. with two long braids on either side of her face, green eyes, with homely features, but no less good looking, a typical teenager with every dramatic problem a female teen has. Her best friend is a werecat, Suzanne. Never knew she was a kinsmir, until the day was as bitten by a new gen vampire with the type B viral strain. Now she has something else to think about and is in a constant struggle to control her rage, until she is fully awakened, by another Kinsmir. ((Isaac, which will awaken the Ancient Ezekiel, because she was awakened during a special event))
TRUE FORM: Same as The Ancient and Isaac, except her color is red, with yellow tips on her ears ant tail and hands, , Black markings bordered in gray travel up across her eyes, traveling back along her back in a swirling fire like pattern.
ANIMAL FORM: Same as The ancient and Isaac, except her color is red with yellow on the tips of her ears and tail and both fore paws. Black markings bordered in gray travel up across her eyes, traveling back along her back in a swirling fire like pattern.

Seriously, read it. Its Shifters, with the names of John and Ferrah changed and slightly altered, some slightly different world facts (like 10 kinsmir instead of 16, that Kinsmir have demon in them, which isn't true, non of the supporting cyberpunk background, Hell he even kept Ferrah's veil name 'Feral', etc) and inevitably its because someone wants to play a kinsmir. Like, every one of these I see, the starter wants to play one, without even knowing what they are, really. Or what is/should be going on on their heads.

So while I'm at updating this thread, lets throw some more in here.

Name: Wolf
Species: shifter(kinsmir)
HP: Unknown
MP: Unknown
Forms: (artic) Wolf, Anthro-wolf, full kinsmir, demon, vampire, demon wolf, half demon anthro wolf, demon kinsmir

Blue Phazon blast
Red Phazon blast
Black phazon blast
White phazon blast
Phazon cutter
Elemental control
Flash step
Dimensional reach
inner peace bomb
duel sacrifice
Holy Judgement lighting strike
Gaia destroyer
Summon demon
metal claws

Moon rock pendant
Elemental blade (source of all elements)
phazon gauntlet
demon sword
kinsmir binding chains
various other blades
gold galore
temporary chaos gate

Wolf was the savior of a world a long time ago, he needed to sacrifice himself to save the entire planet though and eventually was temporarily erased from history until he was summoned back into existance. He was one of the strongest fighters in any world, having taken on thousands of enemys, including people such as his own father, the most evil being on the universe and a being that was close to a god. Now adays he tends to stray from the whole "save the world" situation and takes it easy, lazing about wherever he well pleases. Also, he seems to have changed his appearance back from the while wolf it used to be into an anthro-serval. He changed his appearance with the elemental blade... perhaps he did this to avoid fans?

Phazon? WTF?

Although THIS one has to be by FAR and wide the one that shocked me most.

Yes. An anime uses Kinsmir as an actual term. Holy shit. Here's the excerpt of the relevant bits:
Riza Wildman (リザ·ワイルドマン, Riza Wairudoman?)

* Voiced by: Yuko Kaida

A half-breed tomboy girl who has a werewolf father, called Volg Wildman, and a human mother. She at first believes that her older brother was murdered by Hime, but later reconciles with Hime when she learns what really happened that night. In order to find who in the Royalty executed her brother, she stays with Hime. Being of mixed blood, Riza can only transform her arms up to her elbow and her physical combat capabilities can't compare to that of a pure breed, though she is many times stronger than a normal human. When she was brought into prison it is revealed that she is stronger than the highest ranking werewolf that was imprisoned there and she was able to kill a strong pureblood vampire despite not relying on the moons power, it is stated that being an experienced fighter gives her an advantage even over stronger enemies and her human blood may be what makes her able to learn more quickly than a full blood werewolf. Her mixed blood also gives her heightened senses of hearing and smell. She also becomes significantly stronger whenever there's a full moon. Riza appears to have feelings of companionship for Hiro. Much to her embarrassment she has "squishy" pads inside her paws, according to Hiro and one of his classmates. She and Reiri are natural enemies, and they don't get along until later on. From working together in the battle against Kiniski and getting used to each other's company, there is change for the better in their relationship. When she was helped by Reiri in the vampire kingdom she was temporarily turned into a Kinsmir, a hybrid of vampire and werewolf although this didn't appear to have any other effect than to mask her presence to the other vampires. It was revealed that Riza is not a virgin in her conversation with Reiri. She particularly enjoys fast vehicles, much to Hiro's horror when he's dragged along, despite this they're on friendly terms with each other and Riza actually teases Hiro the least out of all the girls. Because she is part of a honorable werewolf clan she dislikes using weapons, sneak attacks and insist on facing her enemies in a certain duel-like fashion, when fighting other werewolves she first states her full name and expects her opponent to do the same.

Although it doesn't seem that this particular character becomes uber, which is kind of a first. I haven't actually read the manga or watched the anime, although its on my list for obvious reasons.

It seems that a lot of people have adopted the term for werewolf/vampire hybrids, although a disturbing number do still seem to be using it as a derivative of Shifters style Kinsmirs (admittedly, they are cool, which is probably why... but..)

The RP here was always kept at a very high (almost obscenely so) quality. Characters were vetted for twinkishness, and in so doing a lot of the players were too, although I wasn't as responsive as I should have been in terms of getting in and getting characters approved. A lot of people also took the criticisms in a very personal way and simply withdrew instead of simply working on their premise to make it fit. The RP was also very 'low power' which I think frustrated some, but part of that is my own fault because the world is very unbalanced and there is no solid mechanics to make things like fighting workable. I think a lot of people got put off by the humans first rule as well, but it was very difficult for people to get the real experience of Shifters without realizing that EVERY one starts out as a human, and changes. Even Ferrah started the comic as a human and changed. Alice, Ben, even John and Maverick had 'human time' before they became what they were. But it also forced people to think about the characters more in the sense of who they were rather than just what they were. I'm sure some people just looked at the RP forums and went "Fuck this." And went off and did their own thing.

Not that I'm against doing one's own thing, but for the love of god, if you are going to shamelessly bastardize someone else's creation, at least have the courtesy to like. credit the original source? Or maybe try not to make it so horrible that I want to like, stab my eyes out? Please?

Okay enough ranting.
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Re: Shifters Hall of Shame

Postby Gorble on Wed Jul 21, 2010 7:23 am

Well it is a wiki so the term might not be 'official'. I started to read the manga, but I honestly lost interest in it to quickly to keep up on it.

I do enjoy seeing your viewpoint again on why human first and view on the board. Seeing as how I don't talk with you much anymore. Pity that,they were always interesting what-ifs and other nice brain food talks. Least that's how I choose to remember them.
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Re: Shifters Hall of Shame

Postby ShadowsMyst on Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:45 am

Well I'm glad that you find this sort of conversation to be interesting, I miss our conversations as well. Always were good for the what-ifs and giving me things to think about. I'm still around on gtalk or sometimes Secondlife, if you want to catch up some time.

A little while ago I was doing a bunch of work for an outline for a Shifters MMO which kind of gave me some good ideas for the RP, but I haven't really been into that as much lately due to RL issues.
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