My Little thoughts

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My Little thoughts

Postby BH5432 on Sat Feb 04, 2012 7:01 am

Now I know SM is working her hardest at making this comic as good as it can be ad I know that the community here may or may not agree with me but I have been thinking. At work My body may be busy but due to my job being all known to me now my mind likes to race and think about things. One of which has come to my attention.

We all know that the last shifters got to be around 500 pages or so and right near the end is where Ferrah Had finally unlocked her full Kinsmir Abilities. Although being a bit Corrupted in the process. Now I have no Idea what SM has in store for us or the characters of her Comic But this is where my thinking has me alil puzzled. As of right now. SM updates (tries) on a weekly basis. Having that said We as of this week have a years worth of comics (if one had been put up each and every week) Taking out the fact that right near the beginning there was a flood of new content.

The problem I have in my head right now that if this new story..err revamped story is going to progress at the same rate as the last one by my crappy calculation it should take about 9 years to get to the same spot as the last one. Now SM has said that she has improved greatly in her story telling and isn't going to have the story Meandering as the last one did. But still. Unless WE the community that loves this comic start donating to the point that 8 extra comics are made each month, that is quite a long time to (play catch up) wait for awesomeness.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to yank fangs or Pull on tails here. These are just the Muddlings of a guy that no one knows or cares about. And also remember that these same Muddlings touch on Topics like why the toilet paper roll despencer was even made, or how to improve the human body even tho I only did Biology in High school.

But to that it still has been something on my mind. But One thing I also did was come up with a solution (kinda) If SM were to go back to just Black and white with color where needed and left the Full color for the books she wants to sell (giving us all a very good incentive to buy them) it may give her the ability to progress the story at a better rate at least until She is done with the catch up and is at truly New content but also showing her publisher that she can deliver the goods.

But again like I said at the Beginning. You can like me or hate me, this is just something that has been on my mind and it would not stop bugging me until I got it out.

Thank you for reading and maybe even leaving a response.
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Re: My Little thoughts

Postby Gorble on Sat Feb 04, 2012 7:51 am

Hmm that did remind me of something I was meaning to do... other than that. Yup there are other potential solutions. Like going black and white and retroactively replacing them with color pages as time goes on or keeping the two separate and those that want those full colors needing to plop down the money for the printed book. Could go all sin city style where colors are used sparingly and for important elements. There are solutions, but then I'm personally fine with the waiting. Regardless time is always going to be a limiting factor and what quality one would be satisfied in producing.

Similarly it is hard to say if it will take more or less time to arrive at the same point, elements of the previous comic will be dropped or altered and some factors will actually be expanded upon. Really unless there's a storyboard listing out each comic page then its hard to say when we will be at a similar point in the story line.
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Re: My Little thoughts

Postby Jon on Sat Feb 04, 2012 1:55 pm

I'm going to curse myself for sounding like my dad but here it gose. "all good things come in time." My dad used to like to say that alot.

personally im fine with the time it will take. The redux maybe similar but wont be the same + the art is better and the story has more to it then before =p. I like to think of the old comic as a plot line with footnotes instead of a full comic. MS has already expanded and improved on her story so much that even though its ground being recovered it still feels great to me ^^. Plus she is mixing lots of new comtent in so far and its fantastic.

well thats my 2 cents =p
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