Considered Fixes for RP

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Considered Fixes for RP

Postby ShadowsMyst on Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:37 pm

Okay, been thinking about this.

Here are the problems I've observed:

1) Lack of information and guidance on world and workings makes character creation difficult to get correct. Players, with insufficient information, tend to go to established mythology of other fiction and make assumptions about how things work in the Shifters Universe. These assumptions tend to be wrong as a lot of the Shifters universe works differently than most established fiction in the same genre.

2) With the aforementioned lack of information, characters require a lengthy critiquing process which tends to discourage players, or at least takes a very long time to hammer out a decent character. With the more voices that nay-say a character, the more discouraged new players become. The process becomes 'impossible', and all but the most tenacious will eventually leave. This is good and bad. Good in the sense that it weeds out the flakes and often the zippies, but bad in the sense that acquiring new blood into the RP is quite difficult. Approval time is also a factor, even once a hammered out character is submitted.

3) Stats, as they are, as well as skills are not particularly relevant to actual game play mechanics of any sort, and seem generally misunderstood.

4) Character jobs and functions are very wide open, and this creates some difficulties getting PCs into the action of the city because they are non action characters often with no hooks to get them in. Unlike in tabletop RPGs which give standardized suggested roles/jobs which players can then modify, there is no such guidance in this RP.

5) Because the current RP model relies on people to make and execute their own storylines, getting newcomers involved in existing RPs with existing or long term characters is difficult. There's also no overall cohesive storylines that allow players to get involved and stay interested. There's also no one to 'push' a story along or allow for actual storyline conclusions.

6) Without fresh players, and fresh storylines and ways to advance characters, the RP quickly stagnates, especially when there is only one or two players active at a time.

Proposed Fixes:

1) I'm currently trying to recruit an RP chronicler who will help collect and post in an accessible manner the missing information, as well as dunging out information that's already been in the RP for the purposes of fleshing out the world information available to players. This will hopefully help with the shortage of information.

2) I'm going to overhaul the stats and character sheet to simplyfy the scale somewhat and add in some missing information.

3) To make up for the shortage of info at this time, and as well address the professions, races, and general advancement problems, I will be introducing templates. These templates will provide base stat bonuses, default skills, edges and defects that are appropriate to each generalized profession. Templates will also be provided for races, so people can pick them up as they advance. Some of the 'human plus' templates may be made available at character generation to encourage diversity. There will be some history suggestions with each profession template and racial template to help make sure people account for themselves a little better and allow for common ground between characters. Aside from the ever present problem of history writing, this should help speed up character generation from a technical standpoint and provide a basis for technical 'correctness' so that others besides me can approve characters. Character customization will be available through spending experience points earned in games for new edges or to buy out flaws, as well as opportunities to purchase or acquire equipment and other useful stuff.

4) The introduction of "Area GMs" for the game. These are people who will be essentially game masters for a particular area of the city. These GMs will come up with storylines & plots for their areas, and co-ordinate with other GMs for tying these area plots into city wide stories, and guide characters in their areas through these plots as a GM would in a tabletop game. New characters will be assigned to a GM area that is appropriate to their character concept, and will begin with them. However, characters will be able to move about the city, which means they will pass from GM to GM as they move to different portions of the city. This ensures that there are always stories characters can join, no one GM gets stuck with all the players, and new players will have the attention and intervention they need to be joined up with a party.

This is my plan for the moment. Hopefully this will provide help. Of course there will be some beta testing required to make sure things are balanced, and I'm sure there will be adjustments overtime.
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