Baele Drae - The Errant one

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Baele Drae - The Errant one

Postby drakanor on Sat Jan 05, 2013 11:09 pm

Name: Baele Dream
Sex: Female
Race: Human / Amerindian Descent
Age: 26

Physical Description: Baele stands at around 1.72m, about 65 kg, with shoulder length raven hair and dark brown eyes.

Mental Description: She is as susceptible to pranks and sneaking up on as most people. That said things outside of the norm do not seem to bother her as much as other people. One of the things that help her in this is that she feels that there are things that hidden from view; so to speak; she does not know why she feels this way only that it seems to make sense to her in a weird almost subconscious way.

- Basic Stats -
Intelligence: 4
Mentally Stable: 6
Strength: 3
Agility: 4
Speed: 3
Appearance: 3
Charisma: 2
Spiritual: 4
Taint: 4

Elemental affinity: Water

Special Skills of note:

Special Racial Abilities:


Disease Tolerance- Is about half as likely to catch a Bacterial infection as others.

Toxin Tolerance- She has shown above average ability to fight off most toxins, including alcohol, spider bites and a few others.

Weakness to Supernatural Effects: Unknown to her. Takes about has as much effort as normal to effect her with any Supernatural effect.

Allergies/Banes : has a visibly painful reaction to Fluorite. If she holds a piece of Fluorite, one can clearly see where it hurts up to as the pain spreads along her body.

Insanities: Shown signs of mild Paranoia

Turn Ons: Reading, Industrial Music, Opera, being around people who do not find her world views weird.

Turn Offs: 'Vampyr' Goths, people who open their mouths to hear themselves speak, getting a bad vibe from a place, and Fluorite of course.

Waking World Reputation: Apprentice Lock smith

Veil Reputation: none yet.

Veil Teacher: N/A yet.

Personal Quote/motto: "The world is hiding something. The clues are there but I can find no connection."

Favoured Prey: Deer, also makes a decent venison stew. ( yes I know Venison is a fancy way of saying deer meat )

Personal Style: usually is spotted wearing one dress or another under a brown half-length Trench coat.

Cybernetic/bio-augmentation: None

Equipment carried: Cell, ID card, Lock-picks, permit for said Lock-picks, mace ( one can never be too careful ), handbag with obvious feminine accessories.

Character History:

Baele was born into the Upper City. She grew up in a stable family, although they where always trying to make ends meet each month. For the most part this was due to her Fathers worrisome tendencies to catch a fairly large number of the colds and flues that his co-workers had picked up.

Friends: none among the RP crew yet

Alliances: none yet

Enemies: none yet

Experience Earned: 0

(( yeah still having to hammer out her history a bit ))
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Re: Baele Drae - The Errant one

Postby Lupis on Sun Jan 06, 2013 2:40 am

Going to say right now...even if susceptibility to A-type LTV flies with the canon (which I don't think that it will) the chances of being infected by an Oldgen Vampire (LTV A carriers) in play is minute, at absolute best. Given that she's resistant to illness, it makes a susceptibility to the LTV all the more unlikely on a biological level. Three times the immune response...except against this one virus that is incredibly difficult to transmit because it's not very virulent. Remember, it's not a supernatural effect, it's a virus. The immune system will treat it like any other virus...and if you're the kind of person who never gets a cold, it's going to be that much more difficult to catch LTV type A.

An allergy to Fluorite (literally, the mineral?) is uncommon, and mere contact causing immediate pain is unusual, to say the very least. Additionally, it would be highly unlikely that the allergy would even be known about, unless someone close to her was a rock collector or involved in smelting iron; both highly unlikely in Uppercity Shade City. Honestly, I can find no medical reason for an allergy to Fluorite, especially through contact with the mineral. My Google search just keeps coming up with crystal healing sites that claim that Fluorite crystals will actually help alleviate allergies.

Finally, the sneaking suspicion that there is more to the world than meets the eye is a bit genre-savvy. The Veil is very good at keeping itself hidden; that's the whole point. There's some wiggle room in seedier parts of the Undercity, where nobody wants to look out of their window and get involved in whatever that strange noise outside might be, but the whole point of the Veil is to keep the supernatural stuff hidden. The sneaking suspicion that there's a perpetual coverup is the kind of thing that will have a lot of characters in the RP wondering whether to start fitting you for a tinfoil hat, especially when the character has absolutely no explanation for why they feel that way. Paranoia is a genuine mental concern, but for a character with nearly superhuman levels of mental stability like Baele has, paranoia doesn't exist.

I think those are the far more interesting characters: the completely crazy ones who are convinced that there's a massive coverup and that the monsters are out to get them...and they don't know how absolutely true that is. The monsters get to have a good chuckle when they're picking their teeth afterwards.
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Re: Baele Drae - The Errant one

Postby Gorble on Sun Jan 06, 2013 2:53 am

I will say this character is making the warning light blink on for me right now.

The LTV-A vulnerability seems like a shoehorn for saying "Hey I want this character to become an Oldgen". You want your human to become an oldgen, then fine you'll have to rp to get there regardless you don't have to shove this in to justify it. That will of course first require your character meeting an oldgen, gaining their admiration/confidence, etc. and all sorts of glorious rp related stuff before you might be turned. That's assuming the rp naturally leads in that direction.

Similarly the "I know there's something unknown out there." While common enough in people( I mean technically any one religion or faith technically believes in a mostly unknowable force), but in the rp it always strikes me as padding in a character that's just so peachy keen with the supernatural when they get clued in. It's usually used as an excuse so this mundane can immediately adapt and try to jump into the deep end with any hint at the things hidden in the Veil. It's worrisome especially when you add in the personal quote.
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Re: Baele Drae - The Errant one

Postby ShadowsMyst on Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:54 pm

There's still a lot of short comings in this character sheet to be able to do much with it, a lot of it needs to be fleshed out a lot better. Bear with me on this.

Like everyone says, it's pretty clear where you want to go with it, unfortunately this character doesn't have a good foundation if you want to make them an LTV A vampire at some later date.

Your occupation should be Student, if they are a high school student. I'm going to just caution you on this however, that there are no current other highschool students in the game. You may find yourself in a very lonely and disadvantaged position RP wise. You should have at least an idea of where this student is going to go academically, what career they want when they graduate, or if they don't know or don't care, that should be noted in the character.

Physical Description needs to be more a little more robust. Is she naked? What kind of clothing does she wear? It doesn't say if she does or doesn't have any sort of tattoos or piercings. What kind of image does she portray? What does her physical appearance say about her? Check out Lupis' latest character sheetfor a good physical description.

Mental description is... wrong. this is where you describe the character's personality. The only thing in this so far that is even related to personality is her willingness to accept what is out of the norm, but that is only a tiny aspect of personalty. WHO is this person? There should at least a few sentences talking about what sort of person they are beyond this particular trait. You need to describe her core personality not just a few extraneous pieces of it. Being able to be pranked isn't part of someone's personality. This doesn't belong here.

I'm going to nit pick a bit here. Toxins do NOT equal disease. Bacterial resistance and viral resistance and toxin resistance are different things. Toxins are poisons. It doesn't prevent you from getting sick. If she has a particularly robust immune system its not going to protect her from toxins the same way it does from bacteria or viruses.

If you want her to be able to contract LTV-A easily, then she needs to have a compromised immune system, or a weakened immune system. There is no specific weakness to it. You can't have your cake here and eat it too. You are either weak against disease or not. Pick one.

The fluorite thing. You're going to need to explain that one. How did this person come into contact with a mineral generally used for smelting? Did she get hives on herself when she touched a granite countertop or something? Fluorite isn't mined in Washington or Oregon, and the person isn't really old enough to have worked a mining job or smelting job, so where would they have made this particular connection? Otherwise, save this particular allergy for AFTER you are turned, and maybe have something more common to humans.

Just a note, LTV-A vampires do not invest time and energy in people who are not worth their time and energy. If you want this person to have a realistic chance of being turned by one, they need to be a lot more than just an 'average high school student'. They need some kind of value. They also need some kind of corporate connection. Most Vamps are heavily invested in corps and that is where they tend to recruit from. Not high school. The average age that Oldgens turn a person is around 35, because they are mature and educated enough to handle the transition smoothly. If you go 'highschool student turn vampire" you're talking newgen. If you are talking "rising star corporate executive turn vampire" you're talking Oldgen. Oldgens don't suffer punks, they are a high class bunch and they keep it that way.
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Re: Baele Drae - The Errant one

Postby drakanor on Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:35 am

still reworking on it been feeling drained for a while. Might want to mention that fluorite is sold at a lot of gem shops. the material itself is said to aid in healing ... personally I find that it is more debilitating than anything else. Might be the visible convulsions that spread along my arm the longer I hold onto a piece. but Yeah I kinda quickly altered the bio from my draft form for the upcoming Rp and forgot to check to make sure I had all of the details corrected. Sorry about that bit. As for part of her susceptibility I am writing something along that lines into her 'newer' bio but it is still in 'bullet point form' at this time.

Also not exactly wanting her to be turned into a Vamp. Just feel that having a strange quirk that most likely won't see gameplay as a good thing. Kinda like being the opposite of Wolverine impaling himself every few pages to show his healing abilities.
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Re: Baele Drae - The Errant one

Postby TommySor on Fri May 26, 2017 11:41 pm

drakaenor wrote:Also not exactly wanting her to be turned into a Vamp. Just feel that having a strange quirk that most likely won't see gameplay as a good thing. Kinda like being the opposite of Wolverine impaling himself every few pages to show his healing abilities.

Cool character Drakanor.
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