The Double Approval Rule

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The Double Approval Rule

Postby ShadowsMyst on Thu Oct 30, 2008 2:58 pm

This was in enforcement before the boards blew up, and I've decided to bring it back to make sure that all new character sheets get a proper look at before they get into the submission area.

The Double Approval requires that you have the approval of at least two people who already have approved characters and are playing in the game. This can be two of the moderators, or a moderator and player, or two players with approved sheets.

The reason for this is to give players in the game a chance to look at other people coming in and help make characters that will fit in the game and that are people you want to play with, as well as catching most of the big obvious mistakes before a character sheet is submitted for approval. If no one wants to play with the character, the concept might not be the greatest and not worth submitting.

SO players with approvals: Please look over new character sheets and let people know what you think and how to improve their characters for the best experience possible!

I will not approve a sheet from now on that hasn't had at least two existing players approve it.
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