Mary Sheldon, the Fleshcrafter

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Mary Sheldon, the Fleshcrafter

Postby Gorble on Sat Mar 06, 2010 4:46 pm

Though she was previously approved I did do a little tweaking so I felt the need to put her up again for a lookie so maybe she can become an even better character.

Name: Mary Sheldon
Handle: Bloody Mary
Sex: Female
Race: Newgen Vampire
Age: 30yrs old. 24 human, 6 vampire
Occupation: Ripper Doc

Physical Description: Red head. 6’1” Her body is long-limbed and slender, this is partially due to the ‘perfection’ imposed by the LTV but also an effort to even out the bulk her internal changes would otherwise cause. Similarly her face is slim with high cheekbones with sharply pointed ears, and red black-slitted almond-shaped eyes. Her fingers long and quite dexterous, tipped by slim scalpel like ivory claws. If it weren‘t for the mutations she would likely be a very attractive woman.(Also see mutations for oddities not readily visible)

Mental Description: A curious and analytical mind, a strong will and relentless drive. Mary can be somewhat cold at times and is easily obsessed with her projects. However, she can be very patient and reserved, knowing that these virtues can provide her with better opportunities. Her self sculpts have become an obsession, she is now quite engrossed becoming a more perfected creature no matter how inhuman the end result may be. With each craft upon herself the obsession in growing and she finds herself more prone to rash behaviors and desires. Someday she might slip fully into some bestial role…

Intelligence: 7
Mentally Stable: 2
Strength: 7 [Vampiric 14]
Agility: 6
Speed: 7 [Vampiric 14]
Appearance: 2
Charisma: 4
Spiritual: 1
Taint: 7

Elemental affinity: Water

Special Abilities:
Vampiric strength, Vampiric speed, Vampiric regeneration

Flesh crafter - this ability does not work on untainted flesh or the untaintable flesh. The power requires her to lay her hands on the subject and concentrate upon the specific change intended. At which point she begins molding flesh like it was clay. Before she can in act a change she must research or have knowledge of what that specifically entails.

This can allow for simple healing effects to growing new limbs. Alterations do cause pain, the more alien or extensive the more pain. The changes are not without risk, as a power of chaos there is the chance of something going wrong [physically or mentally].

If a human purges the taint from his/her body they automatically revert to their original form, though there is some scarring.

Vampires with their regeneration have a good chance of reverting on their own, though like with bane wounds this is at a very slow rate. Due to the fact it is an ability tied with taint the alterations can also stick becoming new permanent additions.

Self Sculptor - She can flesh craft her own form, though does not have to worry about reverting. There is still the possibility of chaos effects and it is still rather painful procedure.

Spells: none

Special Skills of note:
Medtech- surgery and cyber surgery
Biotech- genetics and genetic modification
Pharmaceuticals- drugs and chemistry

Fire vulnerability, Sun Vulnerability
Moderate- Silver
Major- Gold

Turn On: Improving herself to ‘perfection’, experimentation on live subjects, flesh crafting

Turn Offs: A patient dying, an experiment with fruitless results

Waking World Reputation: Ripper doc known for exotic work and bio-augs, her practice is referred to lovingly as the “Monster Factory”

Veil Reputation: Very scary vampire, abilities not well known. Most mistakenly refer to her crafted abilities as her only powers.

Personal Quote/motto: “Practice makes perfect. Now stop moving.”

Favored Prey: type-O or the occasional unconscious patient; anything that doesn’t require wasting precious time hunting.

Personal Style: While working Mary wears an old tattered lab coat. Due to her mutations she's had to dress somewhat conservatively lest someone sees all to clearly how such modifications are impossible with current technology.

None, the following list are the results of her self-sculpting ability.
Crafted abilities-
Thickened skull
Protected neck using overlapping plates- best most can manage is slitting her throat
Thicker bones- less chance of breakage
Sub dermal plating over vitals- as effective as sub dermal armoring
Semi-Prehensile Feet
Tail- extending from her back is a black chitin-plated, six-foot long, thin, and whip-like tail. It ends in a sharp spine good for piercing attacks.
Accidental Mutations-
Scaly dreadlocks- her hair is composed of actually living tissue that can appear quite thick at times. Upon close inspection it appears her hair is covered in tiny scales. It makes cutting her hair a painful process.
Snake eyes- Her eyes have become vertically slit much like a reptile’s.
Forked tongue- Her tongue is relatively long thin and spit at the end.
Scales- Her shoulders, neck, back, and stomach show notable ridges like scales. This forms a darker red pattern with many small scales on her back. Her cheeks also have tiny ridges as well.

Equipment carried:
Hands free cell phone
Small spray can- contains Zen, a contact drug that puts a person into a trance-like state. It’s also known to be a psychedelic hallucinogen.

Character History:

Very little is known about Mary until her late teens. She was originally from the Atlantica Megacity slums. She was expelled from her second year of med school for several projects involving DNA codes deemed illegal by the EC’s General Genetics Act of 2004. Still certain corporations will unofficially hire individuals, which have proven to show initiative to undertake certain projects regardless of ethics.

Mary got a fixer to hook her up and became an unofficial employee for a corporation unfortunately her labs were raided in 2018. A very messy affair that turned into a PR nightmare that even the corp. couldn’t get her out of. With little option Mary shutdown her lab and moved from her native New York in disgrace. Despite uprooting herself and moving across the country even going as far as to wipe her name and past clean she couldn’t get work at another corporation. Thus began Mary’s career as a ripper doc in the lower level of Shade city.

Her life took another turn several years ago when she was turned. Cue flashback . The gangers brought one of their guys in. They were all cyber-goths. This wasn’t unusual in and of itself, considering the combat drugs that can be bought on the street even the thugs extensive injuries weren’t unusual. She gave them the heads up that the kid was likely lost but still they ordered her to operate. So strapping him down she began to remove the bullets, it was going smoothly till he ripped free from the restraints and clawed up her arm. Cursing she had his friends hold him down as she went to finish. Only to find all the wounds were now closing. Staring in disbelief she watched the street thug sit up and grin widely. “Thanks a lot honey. We’re a little strapped for cash, but I think immortality and power is payment enough.” End flashback

Mary was endocturned into the Veil as she found herself joining the rising newgen population. She was amazed at how long such a society as this could have worked. The pack moved on, Mary declining a place in it. The newly newgen ripper doc continued her practice and upon discovering her dark powers began to experiment with them. Her name has slipped into some infamy among the Undercity. For an exorbitant fee [and over time], Mary can alter you into something from your wildest dreams or your worst nightmares, depending on how your procedure turns out.

Pet Projects, listed in no particular order of importance:
1. Track patients to see if crafted traits pass on to the next generation.
2. See if by crafting on a newgen that producing offspring were possible.
3. Experiment on human and then newgen to perfect a decentralized heart.
4. Work on a resistance to sunlight.
5. Any other minor or major body enhancements that would seem useful to practice before integration into own form.

Presently she is paying some nice discreet gentlemen to go capture her test subjects and bring them back to her place for study and experimentation at her leisure. Due to the often very altered states of some of her subjects Mary disposes of the bodies herself, burning and powdering the remains. She’d flush them into Tartarus but she has yet to find a place for easy access.

Feelings on:
Oldgen Vampires – Hmm, I heard about an older form of vampire, but alas I’ve also heard they dislike us. What a pity.
NewGen Vampires –
Shifters – Know if only I could study that metamorphosis process I might be able to duplicate it…
Espi – Es what?
Humans –
Veil Humans (Mages/Escari/Psion) –

Friends: Her secretary Tina- Chinese female, with short black hair, brown eyes, 5'6" with a perfect figure and huge oversized breasts. Appearance 5. 25 years old. She's obsessed with her tits, and still thinks they're too small. Still working off her previous surgeries from Mary.

Alliances: Kina, a fellow newgen and fellow member of a loose group of ‘pack mates’


Experience Earned:

The Monster Factory-
Originally a licensed undertaker’s residence, complete with on site crematorium, it was obtained and altered to Mary’s specification. Becoming an unlicensed ripper doc’s residence and workplace. The surgery and treatment areas are kept relatively clean and what gear can be had is kept well in place. There has been additional soundproofing in her private lab and living area. Her living area includes a personal library and data-files, to aid in her research for further extending her fleshcrafting talents. The remote computer also holds encrypted files on past experiments and chronicles noted mutations.
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