Collie Karin Jacobson

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Collie Karin Jacobson

Postby Ty007 on Sun May 29, 2011 11:51 pm

This is my 1st Shifters OC. Its also a work in progress on her views on different races. She's never met many.
Name: Collie Karen Jacobson
Sex: female
Race: weredog (collie)
Age: 16
Occupation: None
Physical Description: Collie likes to appeal to the guys even though she’s a Goth. She has some chained jeans but always likes to sneak up on her friends. Long placid pants is what she normally wears during school. Her ears are pierced in 3 places one with each a different birth stone. On her right ear amber for fire, emerald for earth and diamond for spirit. On her left ear crystal for water, quarts for air and obsidian for her body. Her hair is a natural bleach blond. Likes it down most of the time. Her eyes a leaf green color pure wolf yellow when she gets really mad and transforms uncontrollably. She likes to wear biker gloves at times. She paints her nails black all the time. She believes not to wear boots but tennis shoes. But there homemade home crafted shoes.
Mental Description: In Collies mind she has two sides. Her dog mind and her human mind. Its like a split personality. Her dog mind likes to chase cats and sometimes other students around the yard. She is very smart at History and Science. Math is not her thing.
Intelligence: 5 (good at some stuff is in high school)
Strength: 6 (Athlete strong at running)
Speed: 7 (runner)
Agility: 3
Outfits: Unlike most girls she wears a wallet with her money and has a Strap bag on her back. It has the assassins creed symbol because it was given to her by a gamer who didn’t need it. She carries most of her books in that or leaves in class. She leaves her make-up in her car and keeps her black eyeliner and witch spell book in her bag. She wants to learn about other races and what they do. But not wanting to become one of them. She reads a lot. But if someone were to interrupt her to insult her. She may lose control. She has to wear a school uniform. But she got her specially made for her. But she’ll wear the normal school outfit.
Off campus she wears a black out hoody with a white inside. The sleeves are cut off so she can run easyer. She likes to wear tight stuff when she runs. Mostly tight shorts and shoes.
As a collie she has a walker to run her. Her mom normaly. Sometimes she walks her mom as payment and as a family joke as well.
Feelings on vampires: She had a vampire as a best friend way back when so she ok with them
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Re: Collie Karin Jacobson

Postby Gorble on Mon May 30, 2011 6:46 am

Topic moved from inappropriate forum.

Characters go in the workshop first, get critiqued and approved by current cast and GMs before going on to submission forum.

Character Sheet is woefully incomplete lacking various portions.

Character violates the "Human First" clause of first time characters.
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Re: Collie Karin Jacobson

Postby Ty007 on Mon May 30, 2011 8:58 am

I see thank you for letting me know. :D
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