Boom Boom, licensed hunter

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Boom Boom, licensed hunter

Postby Tsureai on Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:31 am

Name: Elizabeth Brightman aka Beth Bright aka Boom Boom
Sex: Female
Race: Human ( partial conversion borg )
Age: 23
Occupation: Hunter / Dancer
Physical Description: A little on the tall side for a woman, with fire engine red hair usually. Undercity pale, with a petite nose and delicate face. Rather cute really, though there may have been some augmentation with that. Well muscled and lean, like a swimmer or floor gymnast. Her spinal column is reinforced and augmented by cyber exo components.

Mental Description: mercenary. There's only one person looking out for number one, and that's her. So do what ever needs to be done to keep a roof over that pretty red head, and the belly full.

Intelligence: 4
Mental Stability: 3
Strength: 5
Agility: 8
Speed: 7
Appearance: 7
Charisma: 5
Spiritual: 1
Taint: 5

Elemental affinity:

Special Skills of note:
Fire arms - Pistols
Fire arms - Sub Machine gun
Explosives - IED
Melee- blades
Hand to hand - dirty pool
Thief - Pick Pocket
Rogue - Street Smart

Special Racial Abilities: Her Cyber Eyes allow her to record and upload anything she sees. She can also jack into other video feeds. Cyber Targeting allows her to make called shots at high speed.

Talent: Mayhem

Allergies/Banes: Stimulants / high intensity microwaves. She also has a fourth grade education roughly.

Insanities/ Defects: BoomBoom's hardware was obtained used and installed by a chopshop doc. It's poorly calibrated, which tends to give her two modes. Either asleep, or cheetah on cocaine full tilt.

Turn Ons: Hard cash

Turn Offs: sleeping in dumpsters

Waking World Reputation: Considered highly dangerous, but also erratic

Personal Quote/motto: "I don't wake up for less than 500 credits."

Favored Prey: The Weak

Personal Style: Boom Boom paid extra to look good, so she likes to show it off when she can. Her usual daily wear is motorcycle pants, and something midriff cut and backless.

Cybernetic/bioaugmentation: Full spinal reflex booster, cyber eyes, cyber targeting, palm data links, skill chip slot.

Equipment carried: A pistol, a knife, and a pepper bomb. Always,

Character History:
- Character childhood
Boom Boom's first memories are of running with the gangs undercity. Until her early teens she didn't even realize there was anything else to the world. Just grim survival and warfare with the gang two blocks over.

- Family relations if any
Much to her own surprise Boom Boom is a registered citizen. She's not quite sure how that happened, but the ability to hold down creds gained her significant status in her gang. As far as she's concerned, they're her only true family.

- Life events of note
Some six years ago, the land her gang and several others had claimed was targeted for urban renewal into a new factory complex. Naturally, there was some dispute over this. When the smoke died down, most of her gang was dead or scattered, but not without inflicting some casualties of their own on the security forces. Those survivors divvied up the loot, and for her share Boom Boom took the body of wired trooper. Using every credit she had left, she got his hardware transplanted, and started her own life as a mercenary.

- Special people in their life
She still keeps in touch with some of her old brothers and sisters.

- Goals and Aspirations
Two words. Trophy Wife
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Re: Boom Boom, licensed hunter

Postby Obfuscon on Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:20 pm

Boom Boom! (I gotta admit I like saying that name...)

Okay, first impressions... Power-hungry-er, I mean *Ambitious* street urchin, out to gain influence the way a life growing up on the streets taught her to - with strength. You can tell me if I'm way off-mark.

See, gangs run on intimidation and territoriality. So what would be the first impulse to spend money on after a gang disperses? That which would increase her influence over such realms. Though I can't tell if that was the motivation for the cosmetics or if that was just plain vanity; you may want to detail that. However, having 'Trophy wife' as a goal/aspiration tells me that either she just really wants a life of mindless luxury, or has a distinct appreciation for the power *behind* the throne, if you take my meaning. Perhaps a little off both columns.

You never did go into the whole dancer angle; is it a job she's picked up recently or just when she can't get any hunting contracts?
The only thing I've got to say against her is that she's a *tiny* bit of a Combat Monster. Granted, the scenario does essentially call for one, but it helps to multi-class. Sounds to me like she's got the potential to be a leader of a group; you could try playing that up a little, amplifying a take-charge personality, etc.

Conclusion: Good foundation... but it'll be a bit difficult to make into an interesting character. If you're a good enough writer, it's certainly possible, but I'd have trouble myself. If you feel up to the challenge, I say go for it. Some addition of details might be in order before you do, though. That's my two bits.

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Re: Boom Boom, licensed hunter

Postby Tsureai on Tue Aug 16, 2011 9:16 pm

I'm cribbing shamelessly from johnny mnemonic for Boom Boom here. A vicious gutter rat with a beautiful body that she killed for.

I'd have to go with *fear* being her driving motivation rather than ambition. She had a good thing going once, and with a stroke of a pen some corp crushed it. Since she can't beat them... Join them. Preferably via marriage with no pre-nup.

I think Boom Boom lives in fear of being alone, in fear in general. And turning to chrome was one way of coping with that. Getting her appearance upgraded was probably just as important, since she needs to snag an exec somehow.

I'm thinking her eventual goal is a position as a body guard / mistress with growth potential to a real wife. It's not so much that she wants corporate power or luxury, though she'd not say no to either. She wants corporate stability. She wants to be part of the biggest gang in town.

As for the Dancing angle, that one needs SM's stamp on it. Given that stages she dances on would have a pole in the middle. Thats part of her land a Exec strategy between jobs with the group.

As for the combat monster tag... Yeah. She's a runner and a gunner. She's also a vamp and a flirt, with the morals of a sewer rat. I don't think that would make a great leader. She's not really the master plan sort.

What makes her fun to play is her spazzed out hardware. Her metabolism is permanently in overdrive, so she eats like crazy. She spends most of her time napping, laying around, or relaxing like a sloth. It's only when she needs to SHINE that she engages her boosters and gets to feel the world slow down around her
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Re: Boom Boom, licensed hunter

Postby Lupis on Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:03 pm

Just as a side note, seem to like the characters with the insanely high metabolisms. Not a criticism, simply an observation.

And if you're cribbing from the Johnny Mnemonic angle, I'm surprised you didn't include retractible scalpel blades under the fingernails...and some mirrored shades. :D
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Re: Boom Boom, licensed hunter

Postby Tsureai on Sat Aug 20, 2011 4:56 pm

Hey, who else had one that wasn't a.... Oh. Amy. But that was a bird thing!

Although that does give a good benchmark I suppose. Boom Boom would be faster than Amy when she was on, and much much slower when she's off.

As for the claws and such, I imagine those are more trouble than they're worth. Better to just carry a good knife and a wire in your hair.
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