Torvald Rasmussen - You'll probably survive this!

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Torvald Rasmussen - You'll probably survive this!

Postby Lunaticked on Sat Jul 23, 2011 2:02 pm

Name: Torvald Rasmussen
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 29
Occupation: Paramedic / Hunter(?)

Physical Description: 6'3, fairly solidly built, but not exactly a tank. His life has involved a lot of lifting and dragging other human beings and equipment. Torvald keeps himself healty and active and it shows. Unfortunately he has some issues with personal hygiene. While he doesn't stink exactly, he will frequently disregard shaving, haircuts or keeping clean clothes. Due to his sleeping habits, he usually looks a bit tired, and his overall fidgety and aggitated body language don't leave the best first impression. Given some effort, he might clean up nice, but he'll still be a fidgety thing.

Mental Description: Wired. People would swear Torvald was on -something-, but drug tests always come up negative. He's excitable, obsessive, extroverted and sometimes aggressive and overbearing, but never outright malicious. He is highly social, wanting to speak with absolutely anyone, he's prone to telling and loves to hear crazy stories. He has a need for near constant excitement or activity, having issues with sleep unless utterly exhausted.

- Basic Stats -
Intelligence: 6
Mentally Stable: 2
Strength: 6
Agility: 4
Speed: 4
Appearance: 2
Charisma: 6
Spiritual: 1
Taint: 4

Elemental affinity: Fire

Special Skills of note:

-Military training from serving as a hospital corpsman, so firearms, close quarters combat and survival training are all more than adequate.
-Medical training from both his time in the military and later becoming a paramedic.
-Extensive biology and chemistry knowledge from his education and his own studies.

Special Racial Abilities: Being a highly evolved primate is pretty kickass in general.

Talent: Medicine, more specifically dealing with trauma, especially under dire circumstances. Gunfire is an excellent way to focus Torvald on a task, though his patients may not appreciate the graphic descriptions Torvald gives of their wounds "...I wish you could see how AWESOME this is! It's... it's everywhere! Huh..this burn mark here kind of looks like Elvis." if they're conscious.

Allergies/Banes: Cats. Torvald's nose goes into EMERGENCY EXPEL ALL THE THINGS MODE around cats.

Insanities: A bit of the ol' adult ADHD is more than likely, but undiagnosed. There might also be some frontal lobe damage in there somewhere from his tendency to get more excited than should be reasonable in frighteningly dangerous situations.

Turn Ons: Cool scars, tight pants, intelligence.

Turn Offs: Cat owners (allergies!), poor grasp of English if it's the speaker's native tongue, quiet people, drawn or tattooed on eyebrows.

Waking World Reputation: Crazy smart and effective combat medic/paramedic, but probably on something. Hell of a lot of fun to be around.

Veil Reputation: N/A

Veil Teacher: N/A

Personal Quote/motto: "Shh sshhh shh! I need quiet or I'll screw up this delicate proced...Ha. Fucking with you, turn up the music."

Favored Prey: Deadly injuries squirting blood EVERYWHERE! They are no match for the mighty medical prowess of Torvald Rasmussen!

Personal Style: Hurried and practical. Torvald tosses on whatever's around, usually jeans and old t-shirts. At least his clothes FIT, as baggy things are a liability, even in day to day life. Shaving is a secondary concern, but having facial hair requires too much maintenance so Tor has almost eternal scruff, but never a proper beard.

Cybernetic/bioaugmentation: None. Not even a piercing.

Equipment carried: Day to day...
-Wallet w. cash and ID
-Knife and multitool
-Cellphone filled with metal and hard rock w. headphones

Character History:
- Character childhood:
Torvald doesn't like to talk about his childhood, explaining that it was frightfully boring, but alright.

- Family relations if any
Parents, grandparents and ditzy kid sister are all alive and well.

- Life events of note ( deaths, births, life changing events. This can be added to)
When Torvald was 17 he was a hapless bystander in a convenience store robbery. The clerk moved too fast and got shot for his troubles. The robber bolted out the door, while Tor stayed and kept pressure on the clerk's wound, keeping him from dying. The conflict between how neat it was to keep the clerk from -not- dying and his desire to go out and run down the robber eventually led to his taking a shot at becoming a combat medic.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Torvald had issues coping with military discipline and structure, so he chose to get out when he had the chance. He really didn't enjoy the days when people weren't being shot at anyway.

- Special people in their life
Torvald likes his an extent. He'll visit them on holidays and stuff and generally no one bites off anyone elses head. He has no sigificant other, but a long string of ex-girlfriends.

- Goals and Aspirations
Find the same kind of excitement he sometimes found in the military, without the redneck constantly yelling at you. And not die.

Feelings on:
Oldgen Vampires - "Can you imagine sleeping with a vampire? All...cold and stuff? like sticking it in a rolled up ribeye steak..."
NewGen Vampires - See above.
Shifters - "Damn thing's stuck in reverse. ...Oh I am -SO- driving to the mechanic in reverse."
Espi - "That's that thing where you read cards without seeing them, right?"
Humans - "You ever just...wonder what people taste like? No! I don't want to kill someone and eat them. That's crazy. It's just one of those things that a guy is allowed to wonder sometimes!"
Veil Humans ( Mages/Escari/Psion) - "Like..bellydancers? Eh. Not my thing. I like abs on a girl. Something you can fold steel on, you know?"




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Re: Torvald Rasmussen - You'll probably survive this!

Postby Obfuscon on Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:15 pm

Everyone's all gung-ho about getting started again, but won't even bother to critique each others' characters. Fine... I'll pick up the slack. I may not be able to 'approve' characters in any official capacity, but I can still critique and give my own personal thumbs up/down.

On Torvald: I like the concept on this one. ADHD combat medic sounds like fun. The impression is of a class clown/adrenaline junkie, who's extremely impulsive. Probably a load of great one-liners to get from him, and medics in general typically enjoy a fine middle ground between main characters/secondary characters that makes an audience like them even if they're not in the spotlight often.

If I'd flesh out anything on this one... it'd be his character. You described his habits and personality well, but getting a look at his moral compass and deeper motivations would be nice. Of course, sometimes it's better to leave characters shallower; it lets you sit back and enjoy the show easier.
The history's a bit short, too, (might I add you didn't construct a segue into the hunter biz) but again, sometimes simpler is better. Use your own discretion.

All in all, I approve. It'll stand okay as it is now, but you may want to fiddle with it to make it better. Even if you don't, though, I could see myself enjoying playing with/watching this character play out.

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Re: Torvald Rasmussen - You'll probably survive this!

Postby Lunaticked on Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:25 pm

Input thoroughly appreciated.

He's a bit shallow for now, aye, but when I RP, things kind of crop out and I did s/he end up like that? And then work backwards, so leaving history pretty open helps with that. My favorite MMO character ever just started off as kind of a brash, impulsive...somewhat violent, free spirit and over time developed into a person so dedicated to the concept of personal freedom, would go to insane lengths to protect it. So fun to see where things go!

Also, he just hasn't had THAT exciting of a past. All things considered, his life's been an average one.

...and on the hunter thing, I have no idea how the RP is going to start, so I'm leaving that open. Maybe he's already doing it, maybe he's getting recruited once things start. Time will tell! ...I hope.
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Re: Torvald Rasmussen - You'll probably survive this!

Postby Lunaticked on Mon Jan 30, 2012 7:03 pm

Guess since RP is actually occurring now, I'll call some attention to this thread for approval/not approval. Tra la la.
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Re: Torvald Rasmussen - You'll probably survive this!

Postby Bubbanator505 on Mon Jan 30, 2012 7:22 pm

Story incomplete. Needs more story.
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