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Bunker, Zealot Hacker

PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:16 pm
by Suicidal Lady

Ya, this guy will need a lot of work. Okay first things first, I can’t remember/can’t find where the list of talents is and stuff about the needed cyber augmentation for hackers. A little help please?

BTW, Brother Jed is a real person who comes and preaches at colleges around the US. He is just as special as my Brother Jed. You all should look him up :) I love it when he comes around and I get to play Brother Jed Bingo.

Name: Rodney ‘Bunker’ Yorkes
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 27
Occupation: Ex-Pro football player, Hacker
Physical Description: Bunker stands at 6’4”. His hair his blond cropped close to his head. He has hazel eyes. His nose is crooked from being broken one to many times, and he has several small scars on his face. He was built to be a linebacker with his broad shoulders and solid build. Even though he no longer plays football, he still works out to stay very physically fit. He can’t do continuous strenuous activity for fear of having a seizure during the middle of it, but he still can handle himself.
Mental Description: After the drug accident, Bunker had a breakdown. No longer able to play the sport he had dedicated his life, he turned to heavy drinking, wallowing in his misery. It wasn’t until he was simultaneously introduced to hacking and religion that his waves of depression eased up. Instead, his depression was replaced by an obsession with hacking and an almost zealot like approach to religion.

Intelligence: 3

Mental Stability: 2

Strength: 7

Agility: 2

Speed: 5

Appearance: 3

Charisma: 4

Spiritual: 5

Taint: 4

Elemental affinity: Earth

Special Skills of note: Bunker is strong from continuously working out when not at work as a hacker, so he is still built like a linebacker. However, due to his seizures, he cannot do prolonged physical activity without risking having a seizure.

Special Racial Abilities:


Allergies/Banes : Penicillin

Insanities: Obsessed with getting back “in the game” and being the best. Gets aggressive when losing

Turn Ons: Cheerleaders (hey, he was a football player), money, anything that gives an adrenaline rush

Turn Offs: Geeks, nerds, authority figures, athletes who are better then him

Waking World Reputation: Bunker was well known as a football player but now is only known for his fall from grace after his drug investigation

Veil Reputation: Probably had a few fans in the Veil

Veil Teacher: None

Personal Quote/motto: If you ain't first, you're last. (Talladega Nights will always haunt pop culture even in the future.)

Favored Prey: Blondes, weak people, nerds

Personal Style: Wears expensive shirts with jeans. Usually wears expensive black shoes and a designer wristwatch. Will wear sunglasses when going out.

Cybernetic/bioaugmentation: Eh, I have totally forgotten the different kinds of cybernetics that a hacker needs. Anyone want to direct me to the info?

Equipment carried: Cell phone, wallet, switchblade

Character History:

Bunker’s father was a wealthy corporate executive whose only dream in life was to have his kids play pro football. Much to his dismay, his wife seemed only capable of giving birth to girls. It wasn’t until his fifth child that he finally got his son. Amongst a sea of lipstick, shoes, and designer clothes, Rodney’s father did everything he could to ensure that Rodney was prepared for high school football. Football camp, a personal trainer, and every kind of football related item that you could think of was thrown at Rodney. It surprised no one when he entered high school and instantly became a star linebacker.

No one was surprised when after only one year playing college football Rodney was scouted to play pro. Nicknamed Bunker for his solid defence, Rodney thought he was at the top of his game going into the big leagues, until he actually began playing. While Bunker was certainly one of the better linebackers in the pros, he still was not at the top of the heap. Bunker became obsessed with getting to the top, and after only a year turned to steroids and other drugs. At the beginning of the next season, it was obvious that Bunker was now an unstoppable force. That is, until someone let it slip out that Bunker was using drugs. Amidst a flurry of accusations and a temporary ban from the game, all Rodney had to due was try and ride out the storm and stay away from the drugs until things were settled. Bunker was lucky, and hadn’t used in a while so his test showed up clean. All he had to do was wait ‘til thing blew over and he would have been allowed to play again. But Bunker wasn’t about to sit still and allow himself to fall behind in the game. After a night of partying and drinking to celebrate his imminent return, Bunker took a heavy dose of steroids and drugs. With his mind cloudy from the alcohol, Bunker didn’t realize how much he was giving himself, and overdosed. If his father hadn’t been coming over to visit him that night, Bunker would have likely died. Instead, his life was saved, and his career was ruined as the truth came out.

After the accident, Bunker was left was with no friends, no career, and reoccurring seizures that made life difficult. Even his family abandoned him, his father going as far to disown his son, disappointed that he had a son that would sink so low. Rodney sank into depression after his fall, drinking heavily and turning back to drugs. He likely would have spent the rest of his days like that if it hadn’t been for a chance encounter with a self-proclaimed preacher on the streets.

Bunker was stumbling home after a long night at the bar when he encountered Brother Jed who was preaching to the drunks on the street. Stopping on a whim, Rodney’s alcohol laden mind was inspired by Brother Jed’s message of salvation and rebirth. Brother Jed was preaching about a pseudo-religion based around cybernetics and connection to the net. He promised that by becoming one with technology, people could become reborn as more perfect beings in the way god intended and they could surpass the physical limitations and find perfection in the eyes of the lord. Bunker waited until Brother Jed was done preaching and invited him back to his house. There Brother Jed continued to preach to him, and introduced him to the world of hacking, where Rodney, as a servant of the lord, could be a warrior in the net. Bunker now found a new game, just as aggressive and difficult as football, where if he worked at it, he could once more be the top dog, the one in control. He could smash through the weak barriers and fight the strong. He was once again in the game.

Bunker soon became immersed in the world of hacking, aggressively playing “the game” while also helping Brother Jed to spread the word. While certainly not the best hacker out there, Bunker’s aggressive tactics and zeal allow him to hold his own. Bunker believes that, with the help of Brother Jed and his god’s blessing, he will one day rise to the top.

Oldgen Vampires - ?
NewGen Vampires - ?
Shifters - ?
Espi - ?
Humans – They have no idea that they are just pawns in a bigger game.
Veil Humans ( Mages/Escari/Psion) - ?

Friends: Brother Jed


Enemies: Angry fans/teammates/old coach/the people who ratted him out/family

Experience Earned:

Re: Bunker, Zealot Hacker

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:43 pm
by Tsureai
Rugged religious hacker.

Slim faithless gunslinger.

Oh the joy I will have!

Re: Bunker, Zealot Hacker

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 6:06 pm
by Suicidal Lady
Haha, oh dear the tiffs between these two will be great! Also, I love how Boom Booms aspiration is to be a trophy wife, especially since Bunker was once in a position to have one :P This is going to be one dysfunctional group.

Re: Bunker, Zealot Hacker

PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 9:54 am
by ShadowsMyst
But dysfunction is part of the fun!

Re: Bunker, Zealot Hacker

PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 5:29 pm
by Lunaticked
...actually I think fun is part of dysfunctional. Kinda...right in the middle of the word there.