Engine, the Team Heavy

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Engine, the Team Heavy

Postby Gorble on Fri Feb 10, 2012 1:59 am

Incomplete, but will be updating soon enough.

Name: Monica Dean
Nickname/ Call sign: Engine
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Occupation: Bounty Hunter “The Heavy”
Physical Description: Her physique is very masculine due to the amount and type of augmentations she has received. In truth she is more androgynous than that lacking nipples and below the waist is ...a mess. Most of her 'skin' appears to look like gray striated muscle, in truth this is a bio-polymer synth skin that covers the thick cords of myomer bundles. In places there is the black metallic gleam of armored hard points for equipment attachments, interface sockets, maintenance ports, and external skeletal support sturts. The back of her fingers feature additional black articulated armor and the front half of her feet and soles are covered with a more rugged black bio-polymer and black climbing/traction talons cap each toe. Her head is inhuman and the most mechanical in structure, with angled black armor cowling covering an array of sensors and the white dome of a radar sensor topping her cranium. The overall shape is rectangular (orientated front to back) and her optics are set in cylindrical stacks on either side with a single one in the center of her face. Barcodes are tattooed on her left shoulder, left side of stomach, and left thigh.
Mental Description: 

Intelligence: 4
Mentally Stable: 2
Strength: ++
Agility: +
Speed: +
Appearance: 1
Charisma: 1
Spiritual: 1
Taint: +

Elemental affinity: 

Special Skills of note: ( these are skills your character has recieved specific training in. This is expecially nessisary when accounting for high stats ) 

Talent: ( for humans and Escari. Abilities which are mundane, but can be considered exceptional in comparison with others. Example: Artistic Talent, Physical Strength, Photographic memory, Perfect Pitch, etc. ) 

Allergies/Banes : ( this is mostly in relations to vampires and shifters, but humans can be allergic to stuff too. Beestings anyone? ) 

Insanities: ( If the character has serious mental problems or handicaps, they should be noted here. Autism, multiple personalities, obsessions, delusions, nightmares, any of that.) 

Turn Ons: 

Turn Offs: 

Waking World Reputation: ( real world ) 

Veil Reputation: ( fill out only if you have one.) 

Veil Teacher: ( only fill this out if you have been told of the veil. This is important because when you screw up, they suffer before you do.) 

Personal Quote/motto: 

Favored Prey: 
Personal Style: ( this is related to clothing and general image wanted to portray ) 


Equipment carried: 

Character History: 
Her parents were both employees of Parallel Flesh, one of the leading cybernetic developers. Her father worked as part of the private security force and her mother was part of the secretarial pool. Both were well invested in the company augmentation programs. While her father was noticeably enhanced her mother was much more subtly augmented with mostly neuralware and other 'under the hood' options.
Having been raised in such a pro-aug environment its little wonder that she looked forward to her own augmentations one day. While the she dreamed of being the 'radiant beauty' that her mother was she took more after her father's side of the family which meant when puberty hit she became tall and stocky. While she was saddened by the impossibility of being like her mom she did start to enjoy the benefit of being bigger and stronger than the other kids. An advantage she worked on maintaining and increasing through high school. Still by the time she joined up with a corporation most aug programs had been restricted due to a combination of bad PR with Anti-aug groups and cyberpsychosis. Despite the roadblock she followed the 'easy' road to increasing her chances for augmentation. She went to war.
It was an insane idea, but one she followed through with despite protests from her parents. Two tours through warzone after warzone saw her augmented to her heart's content, though she nearly died several times in the process. She was one of the three original members of her squad. While she could have stayed on she found she had no taste for war. Returning to ShadeCity was a bit of a shell shock as she slowly adopted to a civilian life, but it was more than that. Here she was in her 'dream' body and she wasn't happy. She felt empty and hollow... less than human. It didn't help that her body was an androgynous war chassis, thus confusing even simple gender identity. Still she refused to 'downgrade' and give up her hard fought for augs. She feared the return to frail flesh, having seen the Anti-Aug converts of 'reborn' humans that had given up their 'evil' cyberware. Giving up all that she'd been working for didn't sit well with her either. Plus de-auging was expensive if she didn't want to look like a piece of butchered meat. Then again it wasn't like she could just sit around. Her corp severance package was nice, but it couldn't pay food and rent as well as cover her maintenance.
She didn't want to join up with some private military company, the thought of entering into war again filled her with unease. On the other hand there weren't many civilian jobs that would hire an ex-combat borg, besides doing a tour in Tartarus. The horror stories of people barely living through a month on the job was enough to keep her out of that hell hole. So that left the security sector, sure she'd see some action, but it wasn't going to be a warzone.

Feelings on: ( only fill this out if it is applicable. Most people will not know about this stuff. ) 
Oldgen Vampires - 
NewGen Vampires - 
Shifters - 
Espi - 
Humans - 
Veil Humans ( Mages/Escari/Psion) - 

Friends: ( you can update this as time goes on if you don't have any) 

Alliances: ( you can update this as time goes on if you don't have any) 

Enemies: ( you can update this as time goes on if you don't have any) 

Experience Earned: ( this starts at zero.. you can increase things with experience which ShadowsMyst will award you based on good and exciting RP..)
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