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Mercenary Company

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:36 pm
by Bubbanator505
This is what I got so far. As always willing to be flexible and patient. Wont be back by Monday so feel free to nitpick it in the meantime.


Name: Black Dragons Mercenaries
Occupations: Mercenary/Assasinations/Bounty Hunting.
Motto: "Your blood, My money."

Character Requirements

Strength: 4 and above.
Agility: 4 and above.
Dexterity: 4 and above.
Intelligence: As long as you follow orders this is as much as you want.
Mental Stability: 4 and above.
Taint: The training alone makes your taint minimum of 5.

Valued Skills

Firearms training (especially with assault rifles).
Hand to hand combat.
Tactical Expertise
First Aid
Psychological Warfare

Waking World Reputation: Known to do any job for the police and government for a price. Also known for the "stabilized" zone they have created that only suffers from kidnappings but little else.

Old-gen Vampires: We have never encountered one and thus we better keep an eye out in case we have to hunt one.
New-gen Vampires: If your my ally then feed on our enemies. We don't care. If you are our target then it was nice knowing you.
Shifters: We have a clip of silver tipped bullets for creatures like you. Do I have to use it or can you shut up with that holier than thou speech?
Mages: They are just humans with magic powers. But humans nonetheless so I well placed round to the head will end them.
Psions: Humans with emotional issues and a lot of power to go with it. Direct your anger on our enemies and we should be fine. Otherwise your still human and thus killable.
Espi: Humans 2.0 is just that human with "improvements". They can be just as much our customers as our targets.
Humans: They are our customers or our targets.

Equipment: Theres equipment on the field then theres personal equipment. Please make note of that on character sheet.
Bullup Assault Rifles with attachments determined by user (Grenade Launchers, Holographic Sights, Laser sights, Silencers, etc.)
Ammo clips depending on mission (Incederaries, silver tipped ammo, Armor piercing, etc.)
Grenades (Flashbang, HE, EMP, Concussion.)
Door Breachers
Night Vision/thermal goggles.
Headset with Anti-Intercept Scramblers

Background: A mercenary company founded by a group of soldiers who become jaded with life. The last war did not kill them, but coming home did. Soldiers came back home to find that their wives left them, they could not find jobs in a rough economy, or suffered from the insanities of war. Some soldiers felt they had no skills in life but their ability to kill. Thus was the initial founding idea of the Black Dragons.

On the surface they appear as a legal mercenary/bounty hunting company. Albeit a brutal and borderline criminal. They accept contracts that help fight crime in a take no prisoners fashion. They accept no surrender, no bribes, no mercy. After a job is done Legal repercussions will be taken by the contractor, not the mercs. It is all in the contract signed with the contractors fingerprint and blood sample. As off now among the most "stabilized" areas in Undercity is the 3 block radius of the HQ. More on a description later.

On the surface a corporation hires the mercs consistently for security and is considered their highest investors (coincidentally the above safe zone houses a good portion of the employees from Undercity).The darker side is that they take illegal jobs for that corporation in exchange for their military equipment. This corporation has sent the Dragons on missions to assassinate their competition plus their families, sabotage cargos, perform illegal data hacks, etc. The continued existence of this corporation and the Black Dragons depend on the continual cooperation of the 2. The mercs involved in the operations always get their identity changed as well as compensation for their involvement.

On a raid the Black Dragons got a reality check when the gang they were supposed to apprehend/kill (they were going to kill) turned out to be new-gen vampires and wiped out the whole team except for a lone survivor who had almost no blood left and his neck was broken. After being comatose for a month he was interrogated on what happened as well as showing the video comm feed that was in their helmets. The 2 pieces of evidence made it clear: there were other things that went bump in the night. The response of this was a "purge" in the 3 city block radius of their HQ eliminating any "mutants" (as they called them then). The casualties were high on both sides until a ceasefire was declared after the shifters saw this as an opportunity to eliminate the vampires and tainted humans in the area. The shifter assault made the mercs and the vampire temporarily work together to drive out the shifters. The aftermath of this event made the Dragons realize that they needed this other world experience if they were going to survive, while the new-gen vampires realized that the merc training and resources would make them better fighters against their hated enemies. And thus the "Blood Dragon" contract was created. The mercs would accept and train the new-gen vampires as long as they helped the mercs learn how to deal with this other world and not feed on the mercs or the corporation employees that fund them. Anybody else (including the people who they hunt) is fair game.

Current status is that they have had a huge surge of new recruits who have volunteered into the service and have expanded into bounty hunting as a way to keep their training fresh and to keep the mercs from being too bored.

Re: Mercenary Company

PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:27 pm
by Gorble
So we have essentially killers for hire that are also veil aware... I have to ask how they are veil aware and how they educate new members to the truth... or at least the truth as they see it.

Taint- No doubt the people they hire are the usual scum of the earth, but what type of training do they do that actually increases their taint? Puppy kicking 101?

WWR: Apparently they're big scary killers for hire. How did they come about, how can they still operate? It's not like they have diplomatic immunity or something and can get away with straight up murder, destruction of private property, etc.

Equipment: How do they actually get their hands on this stuff? Black market? Where do they store all this stuff between missions? Heck how do they arrive unnoticed at their target location?

Background: Lot of questions and answers to hash out.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:11 am
by artguy50
i would think 10 taint would be eating just born baby chicks or kittens alive

Re: Mercenary Company

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:30 am
by artguy50
and I would agree with gordle for the "scary killers for hire" thing, mercenary company normal abs as "security contracting" and take contracts for the gov or corps and have the illagle stuff as far from public eyes as humanly possable and how do they know the veil exist in the 1st places

if your going for the "monster hunter" I think most of the groups would brobly be more funded by just jacking shit like blade(s) movies but i dont think, thats just my opinon

Re: Mercenary Company

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:17 am
by Gorble
Seems you updated when I wasn't looking.

So a bunch of disenchanted and PTSD grunts go merc, fair enough start. From the description they aren't as free agent as they pretend to be and act as the dirty jobs/fall guys of a single corporation. Frankly though they're shaping up as an 'evil' MA security. Though their fighting style is completely different and likely not work since most corps would like to not have several large craters and dozens of bullet holes to clean up. I don't see why they don't actually work as a merc company and thus ship out to various warzones, etc. Using their base in the city as a corp office/place for shore leave and eval. Bounty hunting could work as a legit side business used to keep their edge or break in newbies, but would require them to only take the high risk or lethal force contracts only.

Considering their rep I also don't see their base as creating a 'stabilized' zone so much as the kind of tense calm one might find in a major gang's turf or say a third world warlord's personal town. True the residents might not worry about outside thugs coming in, but they have to worry about the ones already there.

The Blood Dragon Contract- Probably the poorest part of these guys. New gen survive in small mobile packs and I don't see how the mercs could just purge them. What do they do? Go door to door, block by block, and shoot everything pale with a high body temperature? Similarly just because they start this city fight doesn't mean that suddenly a bunch of shifters show up to kill both sides or decide to commit mass genocide of any and all things tainted. This is a war in the shadows and they aren't mindless zealots. There is no overreaching shifter coalition death squad that will just flat out murder everything. You don't have to be 'evil' to have high taint, many victims of very tainted individuals can end up with high taint, living in a toxic environment, etc. All don't immediately mean you're actively against Gaia. After all humans don't know jack and can't tell the difference. Even beyond that how would such a shifter murder team find out about such plans to take advantage of them? As for the new gens allying, well they bring their virus to the table and that's it. New gen have the crappiest knowledge of what the Veil hides. Also why wouldn't the mercs feed the vamps. Keeping them from chomping on potential clients and also not drawing unwanted investigations into the merc's territory would be ideal.