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Re: Cal Richards - The Cleric?

PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:50 pm
by Daggertooth
Gorble wrote:In truth if he got it after his money scheme he might have gone for the more subdued look. So the interface 'jacks' are actually barely visible contact points on his arm. His temple ports are concealed behind a dermal flap. Really beyond that you're talking number of connectable devices and types.

It seems like the neural processor would be one of the big tech toys in this world. Like having a smart phone is nowadays. Stupid smart phones...I need to get one....

So, Cal has a:
2025 Dermotech, advanced A-prime neural processor (Special, High capacity edition)
  • Best neural processor money could 2025.
  • HUD vision feature: Strategically displays variables (up to 5) such as temperature or available creds. Additional variables can be downloaded/purchased. An interactive 2D map can be accessed.
  • synchronizes with bio-augmentation.
  • Automatically Synchronizes data storage devices.
  • Proximity synchronization to car or house.
  • Advanced streaming for internet, social media, and entertainment.

Trouble accessing all features in the latest technology.
Downloading and streaming excessive modern day information is problematic. Lower graphics or pixel setting helps depending on what he's streaming.
Some reverse compatibility issues.

I'm mirroring this off my Rebel XT Digital SLR camera. Best SLR under $1000....back in 2005. It was awesome back then, and today it still takes great pictures, but its 8 megapixels is nothing compared to the 18 megapixels of the Rebel T4i. ....also, smart phones now have better megapixels. X_X

Re: Cal Richards - The Cleric?

PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:53 pm
by Anthius
Using a camera as example may not be the best way to get a clear picture for the neural processor being old. I don't imagine it having much to do with a graphics interface so pixels shouldn't be an issue at all aside from maybe with a smart link or something but those would be more a basic targeting system so I'm not sure image quality would still be an issue.

You'd be better off comparing an older processor to a newer one. Like say a First gen I7 to one of the current Third gen I7's. An obvious difference between the two but not so much that the older one won't preform well, and still work great for everyday use, but may not be able to handle some of the newer tech/features as well.

Re: Cal Richards - The Cleric?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:11 pm
by Daggertooth
Well the camera was suppose to illustrate technology that was old but still very usable, I used pixels just to show the difference. It was just a real world comparison to explain my line of thought. If processors does the same thing then that's fine too. The big thing I was trying to avoid technology with a huge gap in power and capabilities, like smart phones vs those brick cell phones of the 90's.

You are right though. The idea was to have something still solid for everyday use, but starting to have some trouble with the latest technology. Really, I don't know how much this will play into how the character acts vs just being filler. I kinda didn't want a neural processor...complicates things....It's just, the more I thought about it the more it felt like having a neural process would have been what Cal would have done. I'm thinking 20 years old, getting out of the undercity with a windfall of creds borrowed, and a desire to represent himself as more than just undercity trash. Considering how technology is often shown off as a status symbol, I don't think he could resist getting the best available neural processor.