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Character Sheets!

Postby ReedBooth on Wed Apr 16, 2008 1:19 pm

The last copy of the NEW CS from the old site. SM mods and addenums may need to be applied, but we might as well get this out there.

Okay, copy and paste this, then fill it out. Please note that you should have read the racial templates post before filling this out.

Physical Description:
Mental Description:

Please rate on a scale of 0-10 in the following areas. 0 being the least, 10 being the most. Human average is 3-4 in all areas.

1 – Poor
2 – Slightly Below average
3- Average human
4- Slightly above average
5 – Solidly above average

( Note: Any stat above five requires a lot of dedication and work to get. Ie: specialized training. Thus, any stats above 7 MUST absolutely be accounted for in the history of the character. )

6 – Significantly above average
7 – Substantially above average
8 – Exceptionally above average
9 – Genius
10 – Super Genius – Best in the world

Intelligence: Intelligence is not just a representation of how smart you are, but also how much education you’ve had. If your character has graduated from high school, but not had any further education, you would be a 3. Any character who has not finished high school has a 2. Actual *intelligence* of the character will depend on how you play them. A character who is old, but not gone to school may have a higher intelligence from virtue of experience. You need 15 years in age and experience for every point in intelligence that you want that you DID NOT take education for from the age of 19. So a character who finished highshcool and had an apprenticeship for one year, has a 4 IQ at 20 years old. At 35 he’s got a 5, at 50 at 6, etc. Also, appropriate age must be accounted for in education. Having finished a university degree by the time you are 20 is techically feasable, but highly unlikely and smacks of twinkishness. Unless you have a DAMN good reason, make sure your character has an appropriate age to his level of education.

Mental Stability: This is how grounded or prone to insanity your character is. Most people are moderately susceptible to insanity, but under extreme stress or periods of trauma they can become more susceptible. Therapy can help regain lost points. Extreme taint can also cause mental stability to erode, as well as cybernetics. This stat also reflects how well you deal with stress, bullies, bad bosses, etc. The lower the stat, the more temperamental and moody the character is.

Strength: This is how physically strong and sturdy the character is. Most humans are around a 3, depending on how much they work out or how much they play video games. This is based on an average 19 year old male who does not work out. Anyone who does any kind of physical activity will probably be around a 4. Even if it is just lifting boxes at the local supermarket as a part time job. Body builders will obviously have significantly more. Strength also ads a certain degree of ‘weight’ to a character, and thus, a high strength score ( above 6) can affect your agility due to bulk and weight.

Agility: This is a measure of your character’s physical flexibility and grace. Most people tend to fall in around a 3, but those with physical training in the areas of grace and movement will tend to have a higher stat. But grace does not lend to bulk, thus for every point of strength above 6, Agility should suffer a -1 hit. So even if they practiced a lot of yoga, they would probably still only have a 3-4 because they are so big for example.

Speed: One point is equal to being able to run 6 Km/h or 3.7 miles per hour at a full sprint. The fastest human in the world can go 30 km/h or just under 20 miles per hour. This mostly pertains to running, but also has a reflection on your general speed of motion. Unless you specifically train to gain speed, or train in a sport or activity that generally relies on speed, most people will have a speed of about three to four.

Please note that this is a mundane speed measurement. Vampiric speed is actually different. It is speed attribute x2 at 6km/h. A vampire with a speed of 8 actually has a speed of 16 or can move at 96km/h. Shifters and other SNBs are still measured on the mundane scale but can go beyond 10.

Appearance: This is a measure of how appealing you are physically. This includes not ONLY how you actually look physically, but how much you groom yourself and how well you dress. A stylish character who dresses in expensive clothing and spends an hour on just their hair in the morning will obviously have a better appearance than the broody loner yo ganger who doesn’t bathe more than once a week. An appearance score of 6 or better means you are good enough looking to be a fashion model. Most people, wearing average clothes, bathing or showering at least once a day and brushing their hair score about a 3-4. People who are mutated, unnatural looking, dirty, smelly, wearing tattered clothing, facial scars, etc, generally are less than 3. Characters who score less than 3 will generally garner a negative reation. This can be useful depending on why the character is ‘ugly’. Mean ugly can give an edge to characters that are ment to be intimidating.

Charisma: This is how charming and well spoken you are. It’s a measure of mental attractiveness and how well you relate to other people. Most people, who have a normal social life of about 3 -4 friends score about a 3-4. Generally you can look at how many friends your character has and figure out how charming they are. If the character has no friends or is a perpetual loner, social misfit, has to change people into zombies toget them to hang around, or otherwise is socially challenged, they probably have a score of less than three. Characters that are outgoing, party people, who can charm the bouncer to let underage people into the bar, or sell ice to Eskimos, you are probably going to have a stat of more than 5. This must be reflected in your history. Internet relationships don’t count towards this number of friends. Friends are considered the people who would die for you and you would die for them. People you’d take a bullet for. These are significant individuals in your life. Please note that Charisma and Appearance are not dependant on each other. You can be ugly and charming, but you can also be beautiful and a cold fish.

Spiritual: This is a representation of how much faith and devotion one has to a spiritual power. Most people generally believe and accept there is some kind of divinity out there, which puts them at a 3. People who are Athiests or extremely scientific will tend to score lower than 3. People who go to church or actively worship a deity will score higher than 4. Those who actually actively serve their divinity and spread the word of their religion in a devout, dedicated fashion will score 6 or better. Someone who devotes their life to the church of whatever they worship will probably be an 8 or better.

Taint= Taint is a measure of chaos in a person and determines which alignment you follow. A taint score of 0 indicates a complete alignment with the force of Order, and fall under Gaia’s ideals. A taint of 10 indicates a complete alignment with Chaos and an affinity for the Dark Star’s ideals. Most humans fall around a 3-4. They are MOSTLY ordered, but have enough chaos to make them unpredictable. People who do acts of chaos or live where a lot of chaos is present ( undercity ) will tend to become more tainted than those who live virtuous lives. Normal humans are the only ones who really get to choose their divinity and derive power from that divinity. Other races are inherently aligned to a side. Escari, Shifters, Espi, are all Ordered. They have no taint and can never be tainted, while Vampires are inherently Chaotic, and are aligned with the Dark Star. Humans, depending on which way they lean, can choose the path of Order and become a Mage by reducing their taint below 3 and training, or they can choose the path of Chaos and become a Psion by aquiring a taint greater than 7. Please note however, A low taint does not mean that it is a static number. Taint is fluid.

The 40 point rule: The 40 point rule states that all the stats ( NOT INCLUDING TAINT) should not add up to more than 40. This insures that characters are not made that have stats that are all uber high. You have to give and take a little, so that the character is balanced. Good in something, not so good in others.

- Basic Stats -
Mentally Stable:

Elemental affinity:
( one of the 6 main elements, earth, air, fire, water, light, or darkness, please note, darkness does not mean evil, it means hidden or secret.)

Special Skills of note: ( these are skills your character has recieved specific training in. This is expecially nessisary when accounting for high stats )

Special Racial Abilities:
( particular abilities that the character possess. See race templates for examples and appropriate abilities for each race.)

Talent: ( for humans and Escari. Abilities which are mundane, but can be considered exceptional in comparison with others. Example: Artistic Talent, Physical Strength, Photographic memory, Perfect Pitch, etc. )

Allergies/Banes : ( this is mostly in relations to vampires and shifters, but humans can be allergic to stuff too. Beestings anyone? )

Insanities: ( If the character has serious mental problems or handicaps, they should be noted here. Autism, multiple personalities, obsessions, delusions, nightmares, any of that.)

Turn Ons:

Turn Offs:

Waking World Reputation: ( real world )

Veil Reputation: ( fill out only if you have one.)

Veil Teacher: ( only fill this out if you have been told of the veil. This is important because when you screw up, they suffer before you do.)

Personal Quote/motto:

Favored Prey:

Personal Style: ( this is related to clothing and general image wanted to portray )


Equipment carried:

Character History:
- Character childhood
- Family relations if any
- Life events of note ( deaths, births, life changing events. This can be added to)
- Special people in their life
- Goals and Aspirations

Feelings on: ( only fill this out if it is applicable. Most people will not know about this stuff. )
Oldgen Vampires -
NewGen Vampires -
Shifters -
Espi -
Humans -
Veil Humans ( Mages/Escari/Psion) -

Friends: ( you can update this as time goes on if you don't have any)

Alliances: ( you can update this as time goes on if you don't have any)

Enemies: ( you can update this as time goes on if you don't have any)

Experience Earned: ( this starts at zero.. you can increase things with experience which ShadowsMyst will award you based on good and exciting RP..)
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