Leon Bradwell

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Leon Bradwell

Postby Oberon on Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:15 pm

Name: Leon Bradwell
Sex: M
Race: Human (Escari)
Age: 19
Occupation: Lazy guy

Physical Description: 5'11" in height, about 180 pounds in weight, Leon falls in the "average" venue. He has messy, thick blond hair he wears slightly long around his neckline and has blue eyes. His favorite clothes are casual and comfortable, trending towards jeans and t-shirts, though he wears long-sleeved loose shirts when it's possible. White and blue are his favorite colors, with green coming in close, and he'll typically wear them in bacheloresque matching outfits.

Mental Description: Leon is essentially an extroverted introvert in common terms. He puts forward a very exuberant face and can be described as outgoing, sociable, or personable. He'll strike up a conversation if it seems like an interesting possibility, even with potential strangers on the subway, and tends to be talkative when in a group of friends. Some may see him as very lacking in maturity or seriousness. However, this forward-facing personality conceals a contained, guarded, and thoughtful mind that often catches people off-guard. Leon is an idealist, believing that things are somehow wrong and wishes he could make them right somehow. The world as it is appears bleak, and he knows something out there is better than existing as a shell, a shadow in the dark; whether or not he could ever explain why he feels this way is a matter of getting him to act serious long enough to do it.

- Basic Stats –

Intelligence: 3
Being reasonably intelligent but not outstanding, Leon managed to get mediocre marks in school. His often distracted nature makes him seem lazy or unfocused, but he’s really just thinking about something else.

Mental Stability: 4
Leon has a slightly disjointed connection to reality that mingles with his spark of “goodness” to allow his mind to flow with his environment. When faced with mundane stressful situations, he typically brushes them off without worrying; his preternatural disposition toward bravery also means he’s likely to stand up to threats.

Strength: 3
He’s just this guy, y’know? He refrains from working out but is gifted with a hideous metabolism that keeps him generally trim and capable.

Agility: 4
A twitch kid at heart, Leon plays video games, particularly shooters and action titles, religiously. His slightly-better-than-average coordination gives him a natural talent, and he also got into enough high school tussles to learn to bob and weave.

Speed: 3
While he doesn’t break into a “slow trot” for much, Leon retains relatively average human ability in being able to run, though his reputation is for standing up to others, not backing down.

Appearance: 3
Leon may look better than the average guy, but he despises haircuts and as a result has a very “shaggy” look. He doesn’t have very prominent facial hair, so he rarely shaves, but he does take long, hot showers to keep himself fresh.

Charisma: 3
Leon is more “loud” than “persuasive,” but nonetheless he’s not unlikeable and can make friends when he puts his mind to it. He does have a mean geek streak, and loves talking about video games at length with other geeks.

Spiritual: 4
Leon believes. What he believes in is almost as much a mystery to him as anyone else, but the very core of his being is driven to find and protect the good things and people in life. While he doesn’t believe in any higher powers looking out for the day-to-day affairs of mankind, he feels that there are people, good people, whose sole responsibility is to help humanity grow positively.

Taint: 0
While he doesn’t necessarily know it, Leon is incapable of harboring tainted essence. He is hard to anger (even though he is prone to outbursts) and feels only indignant justice towards people who hurt others, rather than malice or vengeance.

Elemental affinity: Light

Special Skills:

Twitch Kid – Leon has played video games since a very early age, and loves “mastering” them. He usually favors fast-paced action a la Unreal Tournament, with lots of explosions and lots of opponents. Due to this, Leon’s “video game zone” is a place bordering on paranoia, and it helps his hand-eye coordination.

Schoolyard Brawling – Leon is a terrible fighter. He can throw a punch relatively hard, but when tactics or skilled combatants are involved in any way, it’s easy to get around him. Sometimes his sheer determination is the only thing that allows him to carry on in the face of an otherwise sound thrashing.


The Human Spirit: Throughout his life, Leon has done some pretty stupid things, up to and including outright challenging gangs of people to fistfights. People have said “You’re lucky they didn’t kill you!” and “You’re lucky something’s not broken,” but luck has very little to do with it. Leon has the ability to persevere, even in cases where a normal person might have already lost consciousness. He’s shrugged off beatings, resisted bone-shattering punches, and even managed to return the favor. It seems to be tied to the Greater Good, for selfless sacrifice in the name of upholding justice; standing up for a girl in high school got Leon thrashed by four large classmates who intended to leave him bloody and broken, only for him to emerge with a triumphant grin (along with several bruises and cuts), while a scrawny kid punching him in the arm will easily make him wince and gripe.

Allergies: Though it isn’t technically a severe allergy, cat hair and cat dander make Leon sneeze. This is usually nothing serious to note, but he has a rather uncomfortable habit of sneezing in the presence of cat-based Shifters, even in their human forms.

Phobias: Leon is hysterically afraid of deep water. He is a decent swimmer, but he becomes unsettled in the deep end of the swimming pool and will openly panic if exposed to huge, seemingly bottomless bodies of water.

Insanities: Leon is relatively stable and doesn’t have any severe mental disorders.

Turn Ons: Nice people, fast food, video games, fantasy and sci-fi, cartoons

Turn Offs: Boring or prudish people, mean people, bullies, criminals, health food

Waking World Reputation: Leon’s just this guy. He went to high school and didn’t really excel, but he had a few friends and became more than infamous for attacking bullies. His reputation for never backing down from a fight against tormentors (both his and other’s) is almost legend in his graduating class, though now that he is out of high school only his friends really keep in touch with him. They would describe him as a “loveable scamp,” but he always keeps that “distance” that sometimes makes it frustrating to try to be serious with him.

Veil Reputation: Leon is unaware of the Veil.

Personal Quote: “Stand up for what you believe in, no matter what.”

Favored Prey: Bullies, thugs, elitists

Personal Style: A laid-back, easy-going guy who dresses plainly and has shaggy hair.

Cybernetic/bioaugmentation: None

Equipment carried: Wallet with Shade City ID, a small amount of money, a pocket-knife, keys to his mother’s flat, subway pass.

Character History:
Leon Bradwell was born to Elise Daily Bradwell somewhere close to nineteen years prior to the present. Leon never knew his father, William James Madison, as his mother conceived out of wedlock and after discovering his flame was pregnant, William cut off all contact and assumedly moved to another area of the city entirely. Elise was saddled with the burden of raising a child alone in the big city, but she took on two jobs on several occasions to ensure her son wouldn’t have to do without. Leon was often looked after by close friends or visiting relatives, but Elise’s family was largely estranged, with only her mother and father maintaining constant contact throughout Leon’s childhood. It was during his rearing that Elise’s friend and would-be boyfriend, Eric Danson, introduced the boy to video games and action movies while babysitting. Leon’s mother regrets this poor decision in childrearing to this day.

Not long after Leon began elementary school in Shade City, his mother got a job as a secretary for a successful businessman. This allowed her to take a more active role in her son’s life. It also allowed them to move out of a small apartment in a less-reputable neighborhood to a relatively nice place in the middle-class area of Upper City. This also allowed Elise to attend the frequent private meetings called by Leon’s teachers. Even at such a young age, they believed he had a penchant for violence and bullyism, but Leon had never shown a single sign of misbehavior toward others. Still, through his elementary years he was frequently in fights, defending himself by saying that “they deserved it” and “they shouldn’t pick on people.” His mother believed her son was simply struggling to cope without a father figure and began dating extensively. Overall, though, Leon ignored his mother's suitors and their attempts at providing a male guidance in his life, as he was never very dependent on his mother and never knew a father, so they were typically distractions to his normal life.

As Leon went into high school, he began reading extensively and playing video games. He found a few part-time jobs in order to “help out around the house,” but his mother never allowed him to pay for anything other than his own pursuits. Due to her long-standing job and relatively sound salary, Elise could support the two of them and preferred that her son focus on his studies. His nonchalant approach to school made her worry that he would have no future, but he would often smile and say that he’d be fine.

Throughout high school life, Leon was an underachiever. His teachers generally liked him and he was rarely out of sorts, except in his jarringly frequent detentions. Leon often challenged other students who were known to be problem-causers themselves and would usually end every week with at least one after-school detention for fighting on the premises. Still, it was a secretly-applauded habit, as he was always found on the side of those less-capable of defending themselves and he earned something of a reputation for “solving problems” for underclassmen.

After his very uneventful high school career, Leon began looking for ways to go on to community college, but decided to postpone his attendance until he knew what he was going to do with his life. Today, Leon still has no idea where he wants to go and often spends his time at home. He enjoys seeing his friends and milling around local malls. He secretly longs for something adventurous and new, as the daily routine of coming and going leaves him feeling incomplete. Leon’s ambitions for the future are few and far between. To many, it may seem like he’s waiting for something, something that only he knows will happen but has no idea when.

Friends: A few mundane and casual friends from high school



Experience Earned:
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