Chade Zhen (Zade Gen)

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Chade Zhen (Zade Gen)

Postby CheetahDash on Wed Oct 29, 2008 4:11 pm

Name: Chade Zhen (Zade Gen)
Sex: Male
Race: Human (Though he is soon to be a Shifter[Cheetah])
Age: 19
Occupation: Student
Physical Description : Short, croppe black hair. Stands at around 5'9", 147 lbs. His eyes are, not surprisingly, a dark broown which is so typical of the Chinese. He's has a well toned body, but not spectacularly buff, strong enough to hold his own in a fight. He nicknamed himself Zade GeN seeing how the pronunciation was close to his actual name, and how he was tired of people butchering actual name. He commonly wears a red hoodie paired with blue sweatpants. He hates jeans.

Mental Description: Zade is an outgoing person who has many quirks. He has a decent circle of friends, but not many of them are particularly close. He has an "outside" face and an "inside" face. The "outside" face is the face that people know and are familiar with, the persona which is so outgoing and makes people smile. The "inside" face is different. That is the face that nobody sees. This particular face is more withdrawn, more thoughtful. Zade is a pretty stable person, but prone to anger when provoked. He oftentimes exploded when provoked, but eventually learned how to control his temper, though he still has occasional outbursts. Zade is openminded, he sees things and commonly wonders about it, but he firmly disbelieves in God. Though he went to a Christian preschool, he was bullied for "looking weird," so he has spurned and rejected God since, citing that believing that every action you make is "destiny" is a load of bull. You are responsible for your own actions.

- Basic Stats -
Intelligence: 5
He's quick to solve problems, especially situations he tends to get into. Though he's mentally quick, it takes him time to grasp some more...complex issues and major topics. Especially Biology, which he just can't get.

Mentally Stable: 4
He's accepted much of what happens in the world, but he still questions himself about the deeper workings. He believes that corruption is a dominant problem in society, as well as hatred. His "inside" face is the one that ponders these questions.

Strength: 4
He's decent, not weak but not exceptionally strong. He doesn't want to become muscle-bound muscleheads like many of his friends want to be, he thinks them to be repulsive.

Agility: 6
This is his gift, he has amazing agility. He's flexible, like a cat, and has amazing balance. He tries to hide this fact when he was called a "freak" when he could touch his knee to the back of his head and when he did a backflip off the playground monkey bars and landed on his feet in elementary school. Ever since then, he never wished to have people put him down what way again.

Speed: 7
Besides his amazing agility, he revels in his speed. Running a 10 second 100m in his Junior Year of high school, he never applied himself on his track team, fearing more ridicule. Instead, he practiced in secret, coming to the school on weekends and after school when there were no people on the track, sprinting on the track so nobody could actually measure his speed. His 10 second 100m was his record in freshmen year, but he has been running slower ever since, citing his slower times to injuries.

Appearance: 2
He looks normal, but upon closer inspection, people notice the twin scars running from the bottom of his eyes down to either side of his chin, forming parellel lines. The scars fascinate people as well as repulse them, but Zade still doesn't know the origin of those distinguishing marks.

Charisma: 4
He's an outspoken individual, at least his "outside" face is. He has a rather large group of friends where only a select few know about his "inside" face, but nobody has yet gotten to understand him completely yet.

Spiritual: 1
He is blatantly against religion, calling it the belief of cowards.

Taint: 3
Although he isn't tainted in what many people deem in spiritual sense, he sure as hell is tainted in the intellectual sense. Sure, he is an amazing student, but he's extremely lazy, thus, he lowers himself to cheating. A genius at cheating, he can get away with it anytime, anywhere. Already a legend at his high school, he runs a group called FLC(Forging, Lying, Cheating) at his college.

Elemental affinity: Air

Zade was born as the only child in a average family of hardworking Chinese and from the first day of school to the graduation of high school, he's been plagued by the "Work hard and get into a good college" ideal of the typical Chinese family. As he got into high school, thats when the idea of cheating set in, making sure he established contacts with the best student and made a mutually beneficial relationship. He gets the answers and tests for classes next year, and they get money and...other stuff. This started during Freshmen year when he saw the sophomores working hard, so he decided to be lazy and take advantage of those around him, thus forming his first "Cheating" legacy.

Naturally, Zade took an interest to buisness, as he was already running what could be called a buisness in high school. He became fascinated with probability, or more specifically, card counting as well as cheating. He could slip cards up his sleeves and with his unatural grace and agility, pull out cards when needed as well as keeping track of the card count at a particular table. Heck, he could keep the card count of 2 tables at the same time. Thus, he double majored in Buisness and Math, though nothing specific so far, cheating his way through, of course.

Special Skills of note:
Sprinter - Zade is a fast kid, a very fast kid. Running a 10s 100m is nearly unheard of, but after his times dropped to around 13 seconds, they cited his speed as an error in calculating, which it was, of course, not an error.

Cheater/Forger... - An amazing cheater/forger, he possesses nearly 6 years of experience with some of the shadier aspects of learning, giving him the ability to see amazing opportunities. Hacking has developed along with cheating, as hacking can tweak grades, even just a little bit.

Martial Arts - Zade has started doing Karate since the age of 5, getting his black belt at the age of 10. He has also taken some Taekwondo and Kung Fu, but never bothered finishing them. He has discovered martial arts are useful when confronted with...danger. He has also trained to fight against knives, as well as with them.

Musical - Though scorned by many of his more sport-oriented buddies, Zade is a stunning pianist who started at the age of 3. Not recognized for his immense musical talent, its merely a pastime for him.

Allergies/Banes : Dust, it makes him sneeze uncontrollably.

Turn Ons: Sprinting, Cheating, Hacking, Running (From authorities), Piano

Turn Offs: Cheaters getting caught, Obese individuals, Very Very stupid people who don't understand what "cheating" counts as

Waking World Reputation: A student, or a contact for term papers and test answers before they are even assigned

Veil Reputation: ...huh?

Personal Quote/motto: " much is it gonna be?"

Favored Prey: Not yet...!

Personal Style: More sports themed clothing, he like sweatshirts and sweatpants. He has an obssessive interest in Asics shoes, as they are always very light. He carries around 2 cell phones with him, one for normal people, and one for his "buisness" deals. He also absolutely despises jeans.

Cybernetic/bioaugmentation: None

Equipment carried:
Razr- The typical phone that was included in the contract, used to call people who dont' know or don't care about his buisness.

Blackberry - The "other" phone. This one is used to esblish contacts with clients: the people who want their grades changed, the people who want test answers, the people who want to sell test answers, the people who want essays written, the people who want a copy of a test that hasn't come out yet, the people who...cheat.

Ka Bar Fighting Knife - More often then not, some people get angry at him for failing tests and whatnot. He has also got in some tight spots when trying to buy test answers, but drugs aren't easy to steal and more often than not, result in...problems. So this Ka Bar which he has so affectionately named "K" is used as an intimidation factor.

Feelings on:
Oldgen Vampires -doesn't know about them
NewGen Vampires -doesn't know about them
Shifters - doesn't know about them
Espi -doesn't know about them
Humans -Potential Clients
Veil Humans ( Mages/Escari/Psion) -doesn't know about them

Friends: Family, people who are "clients."

Alliances: ( you can update this as time goes on if you don't have any)

Enemies: Teachers and Professors

Experience Earned: ( this starts at zero.. you can increase things with experience which ShadowsMyst will award you based on good and exciting RP..)
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