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Shifters Versus

Postby Mordalfus on Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:27 am

This Game is for those who like the idea of pitting two being against each other, but there are rules just like any other game

= Rules =
- The First person will name the Shifters character, a team of characters or the webcomic. The Second Person will announce who wins, they can either describe the fight or just say who wins
- There must at least one shifters character fighting (P.S. ShadowsMyst counts as a Character, for appearing in the webcomic a few times)
- A user of the site can be pitted against a Shifters character
- There can be team battles, maximum of three member in a team
- If the Opponents are from an organization, you must choose three members
- You can pit Shifters (as in the whole webcomic) and against another comic, it does not count as a team fight but instead a Webcomic Battle

Second Person wrote:
First Person wrote:Vamp Squad PI vs Team Rocket (Jesse, James and Meowth)

Second Person wrote:
First Person wrote:Vamp Squad PI vs Team Rocket (Jesse, James and Meowth)
Round 1: Team Rocket manages to Trap Vamp Squad within a Hole and proceed to bury them alive.
Round 2: Vamp Squad PI, pounces upon Team Rocket after they finish digging a hole and drain them of their blood.
Round 3: Vamp Squad PI attacks Team Rocket as they fly away in their hot air balloon, a random explosion on ground flings Vince and Piotr into balloon basket. Meowth attacks the Vampires with his claws and swipes furiously until accidently hitting a gas tank and causing a large explosion. Team Rocket blasts off and The Vamp Squad fall to the ground Charred and Crispy

I'll start us off with an Easy one
Alice vs Giant Dog
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